RollOnFriday can reveal that a man writing to the papers decrying political correctness and feminism is a former lawyer who was once convicted for sexual harassment. 

It has emerged that in December 2015 the Financial Times published a letter from a reader purporting to be Hugh Wotherspoon. Wotherspoon wrote that one of the "ills" which "may lead to failure of European (or worldwide) liberal, globalist multiculturalism" was "out of control political correctness regarding race and feminism". Wotherspoon complained that the "timid and dishonest governing class" was "too supine to stand up to it".

One man brave enough to stand up to the suffocating dictates of modern society was a 54-year-old patent attorney at international firm Ladas & Parry who groped a woman on a night bus in 2012.

Wotherspoon, for it was he, found himself sitting next to a young lady on a coach from Edinburgh to London and, rather than strike up a conversation, let his fingers do the talking. Wotherspoon told Carlisle Crown Court that he stroked the unfortunate woman's leg because "I thought she might like it". He interpreted her removal of his paw as no more than "a gentle, diffident brush-off" and renewed his fondling. He said he "did not have any reason to believe that another touch would be unwelcome".

  "I myself have been the victim of political correctness and feminism..." Etc. etc. 

Actually the woman was just too scared to scream. When the bus stopped she told the driver. Wotherspoon was arrested, charged, tried, sentenced to a three-year supervision order, added to the sex offenders' register and, in 2013, suspended by the SDT for an "indefinite period". He disappeared from his firm and public view.

However, his appearance in the FT indicates that Wotherspoon's obligation to sign off his letters 'sex offender' has expired, and that he is now available to defend western civilisation. RollOnFriday cordially invites Hugh 'Wandering Hands' Wotherspoon to clarify whether his definition of "out of control political correctness" extends to arresting creeps for groping strangers on buses.



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Roll On Friday 01 December 17 09:09

This is a typical response from these (few) sex pest men. She removes his hand. He continues. He takes the removal of his hand by her as some kind of consent.

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