Ince & Co confirmed yesterday that 16 staff have been put at risk of redundancy.

A spokeswoman said that it was the first round of redundancies the firm had ever made since it was founded in 1870. She blamed pressure on the shipping sector, and said that volunteers would be sought for the redundancies where possible.

An insider claims that four of the six support staff redundancies will apply to secretaries, who will have the option to volunteer for redundancy. But apparently the firm has extended no such courtesy to its lawyers. Ten have been put at risk, under what our source described as "a dubious and opaque system", and it's a fair bet that all of them will be for the chop. It would be a shame anywhere, but particularly so at a firm which prides itself on being a great place to work (its staff voted it RollOnFriday's Firm of the Year for two years running). And where bad news has traditionally confined itself to shonky poetry.

     Wince & Co

The spokeswoman added that those made redundant would be offered enhanced departure packages and the firm would "be working closely with our clients and other contacts who may be looking for high quality recruits".

The news follows Stephenson Harwood's announcement last week that half its secretaries would be made redundant. And a few days prior to that Keoghs announced that 41 jobs were on the line. The market may have picked up but many law firms clearly still have too many staff in the wrong areas.

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Anonymous 17 February 14 10:02

After getting the sack by Blackpool, now he has to lay off staff. Not a good month for Paul Ince.

Anonymous 10 April 14 13:01

Not their first round of redundancies by a mile. Just that none of them made it to ROF before.