Lawyers at Mills & Reeve's Norwich office have been left shaken after a woman defecated massively right outside their office, reported a RollOnFriday reporter yesterday wondering how his career had come to this.

Staff paused to watch on Wednesday morning as a pedestrian deviated from the pavement alongside St James Court and tramped across the landscaped verge. But passing curiosity turned to dismay as the woman crouched down beside a bush and took a huge dump, oblivious to the fact that she was right against the glass, and in full view, of the office.

    M&R's new beaters at work

Onlookers report that although the woman carefully screened herself from the road and, "even had a pack of tissues to hand", she failed to perform a full 360 degree check as recommended by more experienced al fresco shitters. "There may have been a big bush on one side", said a source, but, "there are sheer panes of office glass the other side".

A Mills & Reeve spokesman wisely declined to comment.
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Anonymous 25 September 15 08:59

Maybe the dirty protest was a direct response to poor client service. The law firm should not poo poo her actions, they should think about the not so hidden message and ask themselves "why"

Anonymous 25 September 15 12:56

Perhaps it was a double expression, i.e. a moony and an act expressing what she thinks of M&R.

Anonymous 25 September 15 14:32

I once saw an elderly lady do likewise in the bushes outside the building in Brum which was occupied by Martineaus' and Cobbetts. One way of becoming Number Two law firm in the city...

Anonymous 25 September 15 15:47

Perfect! It's what I've long thought of them, but it's still surprising that the word has got out among the Fine City's bag ladies.