The collapse of Thomas Cook has resulted in staff being laid off at two firms. 

The capitulation of the British global travel group in September triggered the biggest ever peacetime repatriation, as 150,000 British holidaymakers were stranded. And a plethora of businesses owed money by the failed company were left out of pocket. 

It has now emerged that the travel company's demise has also screwed over some law firms too. The former travel giant was a longstanding client of BLM, and the firm has consequently commenced a redundancy consultation in its Tour Operation and Travel teams, placing 18 jobs at risk. 

"All cases that we had for the tour operator have now been stayed following liquidation of the company" a spokeswoman for the firm confirmed to RollOnFriday. She said that "all relevant external recruitment is currently on hold during consultation to ensure those affected colleagues are given an opportunity to consider existing positions". She added "it is our objective to retain as many of our talented colleagues in the business as possible.”

Thomas Cook

Because you've lost your job, thanks to Thomas Cook.

And the news of Thomas Cook's collapse must have also landed like a poo in the corner of a hotel pool at Irwin Mitchell. Two partners in the holiday illness claims department have been made redundant. Referring to broader reforms in the market and an internal "strategic review", an Irwin Mitchell spokesman confirmed that the two partners were leaving, but that the firm would "ensure that we can continue to help people who have been affected by injury and illness abroad.” 

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Anonymous 23 November 19 08:51

BLM website says their key players doing this work r mainly in London.  Don't expect to see those lot getting the can. It will be the Leeds lot who suffer. I can't see For (d) 1 minute the partners in London getting burnt. The reality is despite their website saying they did this type of work in London the truth is they don't.  Just plain old casualty lawyers pretending to be travel or cross border speciakists

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