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How it didn't look.

A partner at Brabners has blamed "unauthorised activity" after his work Twitter account was used to like smut.

Lachlan Nisbet, the firm's Head of Regulatory, maintains a professional profile on the social media platform, where he is described as the UK's leading firearms and field sports solicitor. 

His account trades in the standard law firm fare of press releases, opinion pieces, and the occasional motivational message about improving business culture.

However, the partner realised after being contacted by RollOnFriday that someone had been using his account without his knowledge to 'like' risque posts.

One tweet featured a selfie of a buxom woman called 'Hillary' who asked, "40, no filter.... Am I still hot enough for you?" Her barebones profile consisted of a link that redirected RollOnFriday's tireless researcher to a selection of porn and casual hook-up sites, indicating that she may not be entirely genuine.

lachlan tweet


The unauthorised manipulation of Nisbet's account caused the tweet to pop up in his followers' feeds, and led to one colleague mistakenly blaming the lawyer. "I work with this guy", they told RollOnFriday, expressing shock that he appeared to be "liking porn from his official firm Twitter account".

But Nisbet told RollOnFriday, "Thank you for drawing this to my attention. It seems that this is not the only unauthorised activity on my Twitter account and I have taken steps to alter the security settings and to remedy unauthorised posts, where feasible".

Nisbet's misfortune serves as a salutary lesson not to leave work phones lying around unlocked or unattended. A Simmons & Simmons employee learned a similar lesson in 2020, when her daughter hijacked the firm's Instagram account.

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Anonymous 04 November 22 08:50

Funny how the mysterious unauthorised user of his account liked exactly the same stuff as a middle-aged man might like.....

iBrows 04 November 22 09:35

If a theoretical person was to simply search for and view such disgusting filth, would said person be detectable?

pearlclutchingpatriarchy 04 November 22 09:39

Probably pressed like by accident - i'm totally unfazed by this not particularly offensive episode; let every middle-aged man who never ever looks at a bit of smut please stand up...

Replypearlclutchingpatriarchy 04 November 22 09:53

Agree - look at as much smut as you like. But don't do it from your work account so that it gets brought to the attention of clients and colleagues. The guy's supposed to be a regulatory brief. Joker. 

Great excuse 04 November 22 10:02

His explanation is almost as convincing as claiming someone had hacked his account simply to 'like' racy pics.  

Mac 04 November 22 11:07

Oh, my God, that's disgusting! Pics of that nature on Twitter? Where? Where did he like those posts?

Anonymous 04 November 22 11:52

Didn't Brabners' website also get hacked and they were flogging Russian brides?! :0

Anonymous 04 November 22 11:59

Was it Rebekah Vardy’s account that was responsible for this leak and / or like by any chance…

Neil Parish 04 November 22 12:04

Happens to the best of us. Reminds me of the time I was trying to learn more about tractors during a particularly dry parliamentary session.

Anonymous 04 November 22 14:04

@Anonymous 04 November 22 11:52

The market for Russian post order brides collapsed during the war, so now they will try all possible means of flogging off the stock.

Or so I heard.

Anonymous 05 November 22 12:48

Makes a nice change from the constant pictures of the Manchester office, virtue signalling nonsense and awards pictures 

Anonymous 06 November 22 23:24

@ Anonymous 06 November 22 13:01

How do you know what certain women think middle aged men like?

Why are they certain?

What are their names?

Anonymous 07 November 22 10:07

@6th @ 23.34 - because they say so on [email protected]. Why do you say they're not certain? Are you accusing them of lying?

@[email protected] will need to provide the names of the middle-aged men she is referring to.

How do you know what a middle aged man may like? What are their names?

Anonymous 07 November 22 19:56

@6th @23.24 - Can we be sure that they even have names?

Has anyone disproven the popular theory that they are in fact automatons with physiques perfectly sculpted from fibreglass and designed only to lure innocent horny middle aged men to their doom?

Am I, in fact, beating it on OnlyFans to robots simulating intercourse with other robots?

Do you think that they have to employ someone to edit out the clanging sounds of their forms clashing together? Or is it all just done automatically by software? Or are the clanging sounds there all along and we just subconsciously choose to ignore them?

Which life is more rote and mechanical? Theirs or mine?

Anonymous 09 November 22 18:32

“Hacking” is often used by people as a get out of jail card, but you can’t actually “hack” into someone’s account as is being suggested I.e by some thoughtless bot.

The way to hack a particular account is main three ways: firstly via a password hacking software which will guess tens of thousands of different passwords, this has to be particularly targeted at you as an individual and the chances of success are actually very low and you’d most likely get locked out of the account by certain protections twitter deploys. It’s a very determined and malicious effort which requires some cash ahead of time to get set up when the payoff will likely be high.

The other two ways are somewhat linked - a key logger is often downloaded via social engineering or pure social engineering to steal the password. A keylogger is software which tracks every key movement on your laptop.

If this man had downloaded a keylogger by accident there are two interesting things. First the keylogger must have scanned all his logs to find the password and then logged on specifically to like smut. The whole effort would have taken hours and hours. The other thing is that the keylogger will track all his key movements including everything typed for work, and if you have a keylogger it comes with screenshots every x minutes. The webcam will also take pictures back to you if you want it to.  Basically a way more all encompassing dilemma than just a twitter hack, your whole firm is compromised - whether it was a work computer or a computer by which you logged on remotely to use for work or even sent any personal emails which could relate to work. 

No one in the comments seems to believe the excuse, but if anyone knows a little more about “hacking” they would know how completely and utterly implausible it is. There are even more reasons than I have just mentioned.


Anonymous 12 November 22 11:32

08 November 22 13:02 - why do you think he's a 'sort of' chap - is he a chap or isn't he?!

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