A Simmons & Simmons employee has experienced the perils of working from home after his daughter hijacked his phone to broadcast her great dancing live on the firm's Instagram account.

The simmons_simmonsllp insta account is typically a dull place, full of videos whose snappy editing can't disguise the fact they are advertising how Simmons is "helping in-house teams thrive while working virtually".

But this week that all changed when a live show popped up on the corporate law firm's account. The setting was a garden with washing and a trampoline in the background. Instead of a lawyer boring on about commercial awareness and innovation, the star was a young girl whose only aim was to gyrate to UK grime artist Wiley's hit song Heatwave, featuring vocals by Ms D.


This kid is making lockdown work.

The live show captures 'Lil D' dancing to, "On my body, on my body, put your hands up on my body" until mum ruins everything by stopping the music. 

"Mum! Muuum", complains Lil D, "What did you dooo?"

"Get off the phone", replies the girl's mother. Lil D responds by turning the music back on, jumping into the frame and continuing to work it for her concert fans.

"Where's my phone?" asks mum. "Your work phone's there", replies her daughter. "Where's my other phone?" "There!" shouts Lil D, still grooving. 


Passing mums are a hazard for many young artists.

There is a panicked pause from mum. "Are you on instagram?"

"Yeah", replies the girl, and mum grabs the phone. 

"Wait!" cries Lil D.

Mum's face looms into shot as the girl keeps on dancing in the background.

"Are you on, um...", asks mum, with a distinct sliver of doubt in her voice. At which point her daughter grabs back the phone and dashes into the house, giggling.

"Oi!" shouts her father. Lil D stops. "Wait, is this your work one?", she asks innocently.

"Yes!" screams dad. "Oh", remarks the chastened girl, and the video feed cuts out on the best post which Simmons & Simmons has produced, or ever will.

The firm has been asked to comment.

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Anonymous 17 April 20 09:42

If the firm has/had banter then it would have retained the video with some hashtags about WFH with children. Alas, they cant be too relatable so it had to go.

Dill 17 April 20 09:46

RoF, this is one of the funniest things I have seen since the lockdown started. And a I needed a laugh after having a pay cut imposed on me this week and being told that I have been sentenced to at least another three weeks of this. Thank you. 

Anonymous 17 April 20 11:48

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.  Wholesome.  Uplifting.  Human.  All the things we're not.  

Melissa Benoist 18 April 20 11:06

Off topic but another unintended giggle.

This is James Naughtie struggling as he talks about then Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.


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