Steven remained remarkably sanguine.

A senior partner at BLM has been subjected to false allegations that they publicly aligned themselves with the IRA and shared an image of a beheaded Steven Gerrard.

RollOnFriday is not naming the partner, and a spokesperson for BLM said the individual has been "clear" with the firm that "at no point" had they posted "anything relating to said allegations".

An anonymous complainant alleged that the BLM partner "appears to have associated" themselves "directly or otherwise with bigoted views that support violence and appears to sympathise with the Irish Republic Army".

The complainant attached five images which they claimed the solicitor had posted on their Facebook account and subsequently deleted. One showed a meme of a seven week old foetus with the caption: "HUMAN BEING...LEGAL TO KILL FOR ANY REASON...TAXPAYER MONEY FUNDS ABORTION PROVIDERS".

Another image depicted the lawyer and purportedly their partner surrounded by superimposed portraits of the 1981 IRA hunger strikers. A second photo of the couple bore a superimposed invocation to wear an Easter Lily to "honour Ireland's Patriot dead". The Easter Lily is a symbol of remembrance for Irish victims of the 1916 Rising, but is controversial through its use in contemporary memorials to IRA members who died during the Irish Troubles.

The complaint, which was allegedly sent to legal regulators as well as senior figures at the firm, attempted to smear the BLM partner by claiming that they posted a mock-up of Celtic FC manager Ange Postecoglou holding aloft the decapitated head of Gerrard, who at the time was the manager of arch-rivals Glasgow Rangers. It claimed the BLM partner also circulated a call for people to storm Celtic's ground after a run of poor results:


However, there is no evidence the parter posted the memes or images. None of the cropped pictures attached to the complaint contained proof that they were produced or posted by the lawyer, and BLM strongly rejected the notion that its lawyer was responsible for them. "As far as BLM is concerned the anonymous allegations of inappropriate posts on social media are completely unfounded", a BLM spokesperson told RollOnFriday.

The failed hit job represents the latest attempt to derail lawyers' careers with elaborate hoaxes. Last month, a convicted fraudster went as far as fabricating a poster which falsely tied a solicitor to Russian oligarchs, then photographed it in situ in Temple and sent it to numerous news organisations.

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Tiggy 24 June 22 10:13

I'd comment further, but I fear a punishment beating and I need to buy some laundered red diesel for my truck.

martymacguinness 24 June 22 10:27

these false allegations are an utter sham(rock); whoever is responsible must've been stewing it over for months


Anonymous 24 June 22 10:41

I don't think they're false -- within minutes of arriving at their Belfast office in 2017, I found myself in the middle of a violent Londonderry -v- Derry debate. Sweet, simple folk.

Anonymous 24 June 22 11:27

I don't know why we put up with this kind of behaviour as a society. 

Seditious sectarian claptrap belongs in the past. Anyone posting this kind of thing ought to be hanged. This chap included of the allegations are true.

Preferably we would do them all en mass every Friday, in a public place somewhere in view of the Tower Of London, with a digital dashboard available to track the numbers online, just like with covid.

Anonymous 24 June 22 13:50

@Anonymous 24 June 22 11:27 

Ahh yes, "seditious sectarian claptrap", bad. Public hangings, good. The classic age-old argument. 



Anonymous 24 June 22 17:10

Very rare for anything to good from being on Facebook 

Sister Mary 26 June 22 01:47

So let me get this right // the solicitor says they didn’t do it and blm believed them straight away ? Lol  - I am Not sure Jessica fletcher would approve with such robust cross examination skills ! I am even sure Scooby-Doo or even scrappy would have a better investigation set of skills - I seriously hope BLM delve deeper into their cross examination skills for their clients!   

Anonymous 26 June 22 13:35

@Sister Mary

Yes, one does wonder if the same robust approach would have been taken if he'd been accused of slapping a trainee on the bottom at a Christmas party.




Sister Mary 27 June 22 12:05

Assuming it was male? I have my suspicions 

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