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Two grown men expecting financial handouts from their family

An ex-Clifford Chance trainee who unsuccessfully sued Oxford University, is now bringing a claim against his parents for a lifelong maintenance grant.

41-year-old Faiz Siddiqui says that he is entirely dependent on his wealthy parents, and that they should provide the lifetime allowance, as he is a "vulnerable" grown-up child, with health issues. He claims that preventing the payment would be a violation of his human rights.

Siddiqui was a trainee at Clifford Chance and then worked at other firms, but has been unemployed since 2011.

He has lived rent-free in a £1 million flat owned by his parents near Hyde Park, for the last 20 years, according to reports. His parents, who live in Dubai, have provided Siddiqui with more than £400 a week and paid his bills. But following a family row, they now want to cut off the support.

The ex-lawyer's case against his parents was rejected by the family court last year, so he has now taken the matter the Court of Appeal.

"These long-suffering parents have their own view of what is suitable provision for their 'difficult, demanding and pertinacious' son," said Justin Warshaw QC, the barrister for Siddiqui's parents, it was reported.  

In 2016, Siddiqui commenced a legal claim for £1 million against Oxford University, 16 years after he had graduated. The former CC trainee claimed the university's "boring" and "appallingly bad" tuition robbed him of a first class degree and a successful career in law. Siddiqui obtained a 2:1 degree, and trained at Clifford Chance. Which most law students would count as a fairly solid foundation for a legal career.

Siddiqui was unsuccessful in his claim against Oxford University. Mr Justice Foskett, in the High Court, said at the time: "I have not been satisfied that the delivery of one particular feature of the claimant's undergraduate degree course was inadequate or, in any event, that it had the consequences claimed for it."

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papercuts 12 March 21 09:59

Levity aside, it is an object lesson of what will go wrong if people get stuff handed to them on a plate.  Difficult for parents, as we all want to "do our best" for our kids.  In reality though, a kick up the backside at an early age may stand them in better stead.    

Gobblepig 12 March 21 10:06

If I were Clifford Chance, I'd be getting pretty nervous about who this clown is going to sue next.

Pigglegob 12 March 21 10:40

@gobblepig: Nah. Not like he's got a good track record of winning, is it?

Totally with Papercuts on this one.

Karl Kennedy 12 March 21 10:59

We all know the sort from uni... chinos, deck shoes, jack wills gillet, scrape a 2:1 in final year and yet vac schemes and TCs secured via the back door because a Corporate equity partner is their dad’s mate from way back when.

Awaiting a class action from all the other over-entitled home county numpties when the taps are turned off and they realise they need to work for a living or else (Heaven Forbid!!!!) the must forgo going to Chamonix, Marbs and Dubai with the messrs Sebastian, Rupert and James.

Anonymous 12 March 21 12:22

There there Karl, I'm sure that you'll manage to get on the Vac Scheme next year.

Keep your chin up.

Karl Kennedy 12 March 21 12:41

@Anonymous 12 March 21 12:22

One day, my friend, one day. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Marbs with Sebastian, Rupert and James. 

Anonymous 12 March 21 13:03

Just so long as there's no shortage of digestive biscuits in the near future, then I'm sure it'll be as great as every other year.

let_em_eat_cake 12 March 21 13:57

nature has sense of humour - via probability theory.

Hummm,  about this Faiz fella's chances in life, what award we:

- Wealthy parents? why yes

- Oxford Uni? where else! 

- Training at Clifford Chance - affirmative!!

good then, optimising chance of success ... and done! 

running ...


ahah ahaha ok that's funny ... keep a copy of this algorithm filed under Prime Ministers.

Anon 12 March 21 14:29

I have to say I’m not entirely hopeful that he will win this one.  Who is paying his legal fees?

Shooty 12 March 21 15:51

Karl Kennedy 12 March 21 12:41

One day, my friend, one day. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Marbs with Sebastian, Rupert and James. 


... were Jake and Marcus not invited this year?

Sorry, this yah?

Ravinder Chumber 12 March 21 19:28

Amazing. As Shakespeare wrote, sharper than a serpent's tooth is a thankless child. 

Toby Greenlord, Freeman on the Land 13 March 21 07:32

My mother is the earth and my father is the sky and they have given me everything I need.

Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE 19 March 21 02:10

I fully support this guy tbh.

Is there any jurisprudential ground whatsoever on which his claim can be denied?

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