"Congratulations to our NQs! Only another 47 years to go until retirement..."

As trainees undergo metamorphosis to turn into real solicitors, Clifford Chance and Freshfields are the latest firms to announce their trainee retention results.

Freshfields announced that 31 out of its spring cohort of 37 trainees will qualify at the firm. But a spokesperson for the Magic Circle firm could not confirm whether or not any will be on a fixed term contract; so the exact retention rate for permanent positions is unknown. The firm had announced that it had retained 36 out of 40 qualifying trainees in the autumn (but again the firm wouldn't reveal if that included any fixed term contracts).

“We are pleased to see many of our trainees continue their careers at Freshfields," said Craig Montgomery, training principal at the Magic Circle firm. 

"As always, we recognise that they have demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication throughout the Trainee Associate Programme," Montgomery added. "Our commitment to investing in each of our trainees is part of ensuring the delivery of excellent client service, as well as helping to develop the careers of a diverse group of talent."

Clifford Chance has also announced its trainee retention results. The Magic Circle firm is retaining 40 out of 56 qualifying trainees this spring. However, like Freshfields, a spokesperson for the firm would not confirm whether or not that included any fixed term contracts; so the retention rate for permanent roles is also unclear. 

CC typically doesn't comment on its retention, so any backslapping or commiserating is kept within the glass walls of 10 Upper Bank Street. 

CC had a retention score of 78% last summer (all in permanent positions). 


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Anonymous 02 February 24 09:06

Well clearly that's because CC is a firm run by trilobites who refuse to allow this generation of irreplaceable legal prodigies to work from home as and when they please. I'm surprised they even kept that many. The whole place will be empty by mid September, you mark my words! This, you see, is the New Normal.

AI-fearing minion 02 February 24 12:24

@ROF - Is that an AI-generated pic?  Outstanding if so, other than the tiny Champagne bottle in the hand of the psychopath at the back!

HNW2207 02 February 24 18:41

"They have shown exceptional photocopying and general monkey skills for the last two years of their lives, which they will never get back." We have made a fortune off of them."

X1 07 February 24 14:11

@AI-fearing minion - clearly AI generated, as evidenced by the six-fingered guy (a common AI generation failure point, for some reason).

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