A group of 80 students beginning their GDL at BPP University have written to the Dean complaining that using online materials is causing them "worry and anxiety" which is "completely unacceptable".

While it may seem like an unusually specific deciding factor, the petitioners claimed in their letter to Andrew Chadwick that "many" prospective students "chose the PGDL course with BPP based on the promise that hard copies of course material will be provided".

But the students said they had been "categorically told we will not receive hard copies of our study materials", and will have to make do with online materials instead.

BPP has said it will provide hard copies to individuals who qualified for learning support, but the students argued that the £30 cost of obtaining the requisite note from a clinician was a fee "some students may not be able to afford". They claimed the result was "unfair and to some extent discriminatory". 

Adding that there had been issues accessing BPP's online student hub which meant they could not complete their reading for induction week, they accused the university of  "incompetence" which had "caused much worry and anxiety to many of your students already, before the term has even begun". Demanding real books, they said that BPP University "intends to start induction week with a lecture on 'wellbeing' so this situation is completely unacceptable".

BPP declined to comment.

library in pandemic online learning

Online’s just different, that’s all.

The Uni received another angry letter in July from existing students dissatisfied with the manner in which it handled the shift from face-to-face teaching and in-person exams to a largely online experience. 

At least BPP can rely on some students to put in a good word. Ten people will be studying for free after winning bursaries awarded out of BPP's £1m scholarship fund this week. “I truly believe that this has changed the trajectory of my life", said Nadia Desouza, one of the recipients. "I come from a single-parent family, and, financially, would not be in a position to fund this degree".

This summer BPP was granted indefinite degree-awarding powers, coinciding with rumours it is going back on sale.


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Scep Tick 11 September 20 10:36

The question is, how much more millennial can it be?  And the answer is none.  None more millennial.

^_^ 11 September 20 12:23

What I wonder is how anyone could think that BPP's failures during lockdown were a one-off. The issues are still going on.


Lydia 11 September 20 12:38

They should be provided with printed materials and physical text books as BPP GDL students used to get. Not everyone can easily look at 5 documents at once on a screen or flick between them.

BPP Complaint 11 September 20 12:42

For those who wrote the letter, please reach out to me so I can discuss what recourse you have and possibly get you tied into the formal complaint when it is appealed to the OIA later this month. 


[email protected]

Just a friendly neighbourhood Marxist 11 September 20 13:10

This is good praxis.

As a pointer to the organisers/signatories of the letter - it helps to get the word out as soon as possible. The Law Society Gazette (Jemma Slingo), The Lawyer (Richard Simmons) and Legal Week (Hannah Roberts) have all covered BPP's failings with the LPC and exams in the past year.

Another important point is that if there are grounds for a formal complaint, one should be submitted asap. Consult Part K, section 2 of the Manual of Policies and Procedures.

And yes, fuck BPP. 

Geezer 11 September 20 13:13

You know that your university has fucked up when there are at least three emails for disgruntled students to vent to.

Thought I was reading the daily star for a minute 11 September 20 13:30

At the first sign of anything not quite right, these students seem to have a draft letter and a twitter account ready.

I cant help think there is something more behind this - have BPP not paid their bill or something ROF?

Linda Molesley 11 September 20 13:31

Where's BPP response? There's no ongoing investigation or complaint, and they've provided comments in older articles about other complaints made against them.

Ulaw BPC Materials 11 September 20 13:39

Has anyone not seen the chaos regarding materials at Ulaw?  Its not just BPP.

Bored LPCer 11 September 20 14:28

Ulaw's actually been pretty decent and had all the materials couriered to LPC-ers. 


BPP Response 11 September 20 14:32

@Linda Molesley

The complaint is still ongoing. The uni has 28 working days to answer. Should be hearing back in the next 10 days if they don't delay with some excuse. 

Tonald Drump 11 September 20 15:11

If you are struggling to access your online materials just remember that the password is "snowflake".  The first 5 years of your career are going to consist of printing stuff for other people anyway so you may as well learn now.  

bpp coomers inbound 11 September 20 15:23


The problem seems to be that the GDLers are not getting what they paid for. Allowing oneself to get screwed over by a PE-backed institution seems to be the ultimate cuckery. Like imagine expecting someone to bend down to some mediocre ex-sol who couldn't hack it in private practice and is now screwing over a bunch of GDL kids.

Linda Molesley 11 September 20 15:24

@BPP Response

Okay - thank you. I'll be looking forward to reading their comments when the complaint/investigation is over.

Ultimate Centrist Bot 3000 11 September 20 15:26

My favourite hobby is watching boomers get upset at kids getting upset at things. 

I shall call it Meta-Triggering.

Brings the universe back into balance.

Badger 11 September 20 22:23

A lot of the complaints seem to be the product of an uncaring institution. An institution that wants its students to actually do well would spend some time and money testing basic things like the announcements system, the process for allocating/prioritising books, the assessments system, whether the class numbers are okay, etc. An institution that takes a 'least costs' approach to teaching does the bare minimum, resulting in the issues that have been brought up in the two recent complaints.

Will 12 September 20 16:55

BPP is not as good as Ulaw at doing PR. 

Ulaw pretty much did the same, a lots students angry too, However, they are also avoided public embarrassment. 


J1234 13 September 20 02:11

Is this just the case for GDL? As I'm on the LPC course and we have been told we are getting the hard copy materials, we just have to fill out a form and will have them sent to us. 

J1234 13 September 20 02:14

Is this just for the GDL? As I am on the LPC course and we are getting the hard copy materials all sent to us. Seems strange they are providing them for one course but not another. 

Reployer reployer 13 September 20 08:44



I think its just the GDL because they arent required by the SRA to have proctored exams like the LPC, so they theoretically don't need hard copy books with them. That doesn't explain why the uni didn't send books to the last set of LPC students who DID have proctored exams with no books but its BPP. 

Buzz. 14 September 20 20:10

F*** me when this lot are confronted with a borderline sociopath M&A or debt finance partner requiring a couple of consecutive all nighters, how the hell are they going to cope?

bananaman 17 September 20 14:30

"BPP students whiny ballbags" hardly a new thing. These dicks will complain about the rustling of paper to try and get their exam marks bumped up. 

Most of these dimwits will be getting their course paid for anyway, as with the SQE coming you'd have to be a re***d to pay BPP's prices for a worthless conversion course. At least they are getting their experience of writing a snotty letter without any legal knowledge, so can bypass the need for a litigation seat/course. 

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