After Dominic Cummings asking for CVs from "assorted weirdos", the second strangest job ad of the new year goes to a parent requesting a nanny and a cook for their law student daughter.

The parent states in the job ad that their 18-year-old daughter, who is studying law at the University of Leeds, requires a nanny to cook, clean and do laundry as the student’s “study schedule is very intense". 

The parent specifies that her daughter needs "three healthy meals a day" and a fridge "always full of healthy snacks, juice" - which would seem to rule out future ambitions for the student to become a City corporate lawyer with the ability to survive on vending machine black coffee and egg sandwiches.

The mollycoddled student already has "a driver who can pick up the groceries and drive her around", and who will learn to keep their smile fixed in place as they pick her up from Mint Club at 3 in the morning with a 70/30 chance of cleaning out sick at dawn.

Here's the job ad in full, posted on the recruitment site Indeed:   

Nanny ad


The parent also posted another job ad requesting a "private chef" for their little darling:

Chef ad

The law student is not the first to have an overindulgent parent, but the perks also mean she is set to miss out on the genuine experience of sacrificing food and cleanliness to reach an essay deadline, before concluding that there are other things to do than study law anyway.  



Anonymous 13 January 20 12:32

I mean it's funny, but the details in this will make it very easy to identify/humilitate this 18 year old if someone at law school in the relevant city happens to see this...

Anonymous 13 January 20 20:23

Wonder if the nanny and chef will be kept on while she articles?  it says she's Canadian so perhaps overseas travel is in their future.

SecularJurist 17 January 20 21:40

The ad says the spoilt 18 y.o. is Canadian, but is sounds like the parents originate in Hong Kong or s.w. in SE Asia. 

She could work p/t in MacDonalds. That's what many students, or young graduates do. 

The kid has no connection with how most people live. Will this teenager (barely an adult) treat the staff like dirt? 

SecularJurist 26 January 20 17:30

3-ducks, the latter, definitely. The mother probably forced her to read law (she wanted to study music, art, or literature). Her brother was made to read medicine and give up Languages or International Relations).

A sad case, frankly. 

Anonymous 19 February 20 14:28

Interesting to see that racial stereotypes against Asian people are considered acceptable, when equivalent comments about, say, someone from Nigeria or Pakistan would likely be condemned. 

I'm appalled Secularjurist's rants even made it past RoF moderation. 

Any other offensive preconceived ideas you want to share? 


Anonymous 20 February 20 19:27

Not the first time 3-ducks has enjoyed a bit of racist stereotyping either. We could stereotype 3-ducks as an old lawyer dinosaur.

SecularJurist 20 February 20 21:45

Anon : 19 Feb 14:28

So 3-ducks' comments are acceptable, though?

In other posts I've 'ranted' as you call it, about English 'leave' types. 

Some time, I'll 'rant' about certain types of Americans who voted for Trump.

Anyway, I was commenting about characteristics, not race. I know a lot of Asians and they seem to keep their adult children on a string, no matter how far into the world they wander. The poor kid is a risk of growing up to be unworldly and ignorant of how others live.

SecularJurist 20 February 20 22:02

Anonymous 19 Feb 14:28

As for stereotypes, lots of Roffers would probably be amused at the term 'gammon'. Is that acceptable, Anon? neither myself or others would desist from using it as it is a generic term for describing a particular type of bigot.

My comments are social, based on wide experience of people from diverse backgrounds and observing conversations between members of my family and their acquaintances, from, for example SE Asia.

Boom, boom. Bada-bing, Anon.


BTW, I'm not an aryan/100 percent white English person. Indeed, I think the UK still has a long way to travel on the social liberal route, especially in the legal profession (all branches, including the Bar and Solicitors).

ergo, I click on 'Would rather not say' in EO forms, ditto in the Age and Sexual Orientation and 'Type of school attended' from age 11 sections.

Anonymous 21 February 20 04:02

@ Anon 14:28 - yes, I agree.  I also thought I just saw a bunch of outraged comments on here about a fried rat...

Zhongnanhairen 28 February 20 08:08

The native is civilised.

Get used to serving us (whether as nanny, cook, driver or legal adviser), just as our ancestors served yours during the century of humiliation.

We own all your top properties. get used to it.

SecularJurist 08 March 20 23:57

Zhongnanhairen, you might have something there. I don't like the fact that UK property is being bought up by Russian, Mid E and China interests. NVTL, that's how it is. The UK doesn't have a sovereign wealth fund, and its neo-liberal economic policies are its undoing.

Uneducated, English, lower-class gammons will be serving the comforts of wealthy Chinese, sweeping the leaves, opening doors, washing the dishes. They will have to get used to that, post Brexit. Things will have come full circle. Even more so when they start growing cannabis plants in the hothouses and opium poppies in the fields of England for Chinese big pharma (because Britain will not be able to export agri-goods to the EU).

So, fair point.