Anyone applying to Dominic Cummings?

"I’ll have to spend time helping you so don’t apply unless you can commit to at least 2 years.

I’ll bin you within weeks if you don’t fit — don’t complain later because I made it clear now. "

I don’t actually think Cummings is conventionally right wing btw. I do not imagine “selling off the NHS” (if that could be done - I mean, who’s buying?) is close to his heart.

Huge laugh at the idea of “.... the southern privately educated oxbridge knobs .....” working in the civil service.  

That stopped fifty years ago and anyway civil service pay is way too small to attract a knob.  

I am actually slightly too amateur an amateur for the civil service.

(I stand by this analysis and if you ask an scs who isn't a liar they will tell you the same)


I think if I applied he’d think I was a public school bluffer (like him). I am part talented weirdo tho.

He has bright ideas but he doesn’t give the impression of actually knowing much, nor of having great experience of management or delivery, nor of being a good guy to work with.

He is also trying to take on a problem (civil service culture) which, even if you agree it is a problem, is not amenable to being fixed by bright ideas, nor by legislative intervention. You can’t legislate for the civil service to think differently, nor can you appoint what will in any scenario be a proportionately tiny number of SPADs to show it how to do so (or bully it into doing so).

The only thing that will make the civil service think differently is persuading a sufficient majority of individuals within it to think differently, or by recruitment replace, over time, the current staff with people who think the way you want. Either will take years.

I don’t think his recruitment advert really makes much sense in various places.

It’s like ‘hey computer man! Do the computer thing!’

’Well, er, which computer thing is that exactly!?’

’The computer thing!’

It was all clearly nicked from that Tom Clancy novel where Jack ryan accidentally becomes president after the Capitol is kamakazied.  Send me your doctors and all that.

I am quite tempted tbh, I couldn't be worse than captain swing 

I find it all a bit odd though I’m probably being thick. What exactly is Cummings’ role that entitles him to assume some sort of dictatorial role over the whole civil service, ‘bin’ people on a whim etc. Makes him sounds like the kind of favourite from medieval times who’d end up shaking things up and then having his head chopped off. 

I'm tempted to apply.  I have the maths and software developer background he is after (although not up to date).  Not worried about the "I'll bin you" attitude - I'd walk if it didn't work out.  Only problem is that I don't live near London any more - think he'd let me wfh?


Jimmy if you have that sort of maths background with software you can make about £150k - £200k per year in London (if LinkedIn messages from recruiters is anything to go by) and not be treated like sh1t as the advert evidentially implies you would be

At a different stage in my life I would have jumped at a job opportunity like that. Yes, he sounds like a knob but Even if you only lasted a few months it would be one hell of an experience.