Well done to all those taking part in Movember this year. For legal virtuosi working across jurisdictions there's always the risk that the good cause of Movember won't be known to business acquaintances across the globe. Playing hardball in a negotiation looking like a 70s cop is particularly admirable if the person across the table has no idea that you're donning the Mo for charity.

After a shaky start in round one, RoFMatthew has fine-tuned the blemish this week:

 Motoring on    
  "I see before me the Gladiator lie..."
Mohemian Rhapsody

Here is a selection of the best from the legal world:

 Tom Shropshire, Linklaters
  "What an absolute showaaaah..."    
Rupert Winlaw, Linklaters
  "It will all be over by Christmas..."    
 Ben Rose, Minster Law Solicitors
There's a new sheriff in town.

And finally, William Dymock and his slightly more hirsute colleague Vijay Jeyaratnam win the prize for the most shameful but sadly successful attempt at product placement:


For the next Mo round up, send in your handlebars and pencil 'taches to [email protected] 



Anonymous 18 November 15 17:34

Can we vote on the photoshops? I vote for the sheriff. (Sorry Matthew, but I'm a sucker for a fob watch...)