From where I sit it’s easy to have a very jaded view of the legal profession. Callers to the LawCare helpline often have some real horror stories about how badly they are treated at work. We have heard from someone who wasn’t permitted time off to attend his father’s funeral, and a newly qualified solicitor who joined a firm only to be told by her supervisor, “I am going to break you,” and was then relentlessly bullied and belittled to the point of breakdown.

So it’s particularly nice when I find people working in the legal profession who are contented in their jobs, and have a real passion for what they do. Today I had an email conversation with a very friendly and helpful lady in a large London firm which is supporting LawCare’s work. I have also “met” several people through LawCare’s Twitter feed who really have the vision of what an effective and efficient legal profession could be. And of course Roll On Friday reminds me that there is a lighter side to the legal community.

So thanks to all those lawyers out there who remind me that not everyone who works in law is stressed or unhappy. (But if you are going through a rough patch, remember that LawCare is here for you – 0800 279 6888

Anna Buttimore, LawCare Administrator