Your neighbourhood facebook page

What are main topics?

Mine are moaning about the following

1. Dog owners

2. Teenagers

3. Parking

I imagine they are all pretty much the same?

Facebook local pages are pretty tame.  If you want to discover just how truly fooking mental your neighbours are get yourself onto NextDoor. 

NIMBY greenbelt/development complaints 

“People who don’t pick up their dog’s poo are the worst. Worse than Hitler.”

“Whose cat is this? It keeps coming into my garden. I think it wants food.”

good ones nexis.   Yes indeed.

I quite enjoy the cheeky mare who works out that with a reasonable sob story (in mine it is not coping with the recent death of a parent - now about 6 months ago) she can get people to do pretty much anything for her so ends up posting weekly getting the townsfolk to fix stuff in her house, taxi her around, do her shopping etc for free.  She is not infirm.

When I occasionally dip my nose into Facebook groups mine are focused on

1. Slamming doors

2. People being naked and being able to see into their flat

3. Selling  absolute shite from their flat that a charity shop wouldn’t take for free

People round my way seem to find an awful lot of time to complain about cycle lanes. Fvck the environment eh?!

Guy, we have a similar one on Nextdoor in my area.  This one is grieving for his partner.  Its got to the point now where people are saying "google it" /try B&Q etc.  He is a parasite.

I'm on Next Door so no need to add the Facebook group.  Endless missing pets and people complaining about someone a few doors down who had a bonfire while the person up the road was trying to dry their washing.

1. Giving away cheap furniture.

2. Dog sh1t on the pavement (which I agree with - grim).

3. The woman who touts her yoga and holistic well being services to the villagers, and the ensuing argument about whether or not she should be able to promote her services on the group.

4. The same woman telling everyone that we shouldn't criticise her parking because she needs to keep her 13 yo daughter safe (she parks in a public space and her car fully blocks the pavement, so other villagers have to cross the road or walk on  the road to pass), and that we all need to compromise, because she had to compromise when she bought a house with no parking and she has two cars.

whereabouts of the Evri driver

promotion of local goods and services

whether the new local private hire company is any good

at the time of lock down 1, the admin seemed convinced that all of government was going to break down and we needed to establish a local grass roots government to take everything over.  i think he then got taken off for a grippy sock vacation.



Guy we had one of those in our local buy/sell group, which degenerated into one of the mums calling her a slag who couldn’t keep her legs closed.

The Cycle Lane omg they are so rude to each other

complaints about the council, one of the worst in uk

how to get rid of/recycle stuff, there are a couple of recycling hobbyists on there who love to lecture

Apart from the dog poo theme ours is pretty positive.

Mainly recommendations for tradesmen, offers and requests for items going free (or borrowing tools), updates on local fox movements.

Sounds like we’re fortunate in ours.

4. can we fill potholes with lost cats as a quick-fix solution to avoid road closures?



Don't have an account - only boomers use facebook.

Octo - that is a point many dog owners (including me) have raised.

I am also tempted to point out that any pavement poo won’t be from mine as, if I were to miss picking it up, she’d eat it anyway the foul creature.

I cant get exercised about pavement dog poo, it is a fraction of what it was in decades past and probably about as minimal as it is ever going to get, particularly in winter when pooing goes on under the cover of darkness.  What really friggin exercises me though is people that hang black bags of poo on bushes - far worse than just leaving it where it is.

The park - why the drive through route has been closed - people are just so horrible - some wont' walk, some can't walk, some have big cars, some are on bikes - bloody hell - just banging their own drums for their own particular issues

Otherwise it's tradespeople recommendations - that's quite helpful

Our local Facebook focuses

On rogue traders and hoaxes. 

But most vicious and most vocalest

Are ones on foxes faecal locuses.





Some nutter round my way bagged up poo on a footpath by a field and then left the bagged poo in the bushes.  Much easier to just use a stick to flick the poo in the bushes and leave no plastic bag.

Good to hear the dog poo theme is univseral. Here the problem on the neighbourhood page is that it freezes in the snow so in a few weeks we will have melted dog poo everywhere.



Some nutter round my way bagged up poo on a footpath by a field and then left the bagged poo in the bushes.  Much easier to just use a stick to flick the poo in the bushes and leave no plastic bag

I discovered that some people here hang the bag on a bush and collect it on the way back so they don’t need to carry a bag of shite around for the whole walk. That said, I suspect they forget it more often than not.

Whether the road in to the village is open or closed

how the fishing in the lake is

lost and found stuff 

And more recently one of the tourists visiting here was paragliding over the lake and taking photos and he posted lots of stunning aerial view photos of the lake



Too many tourists is the main concern on mine. And how good were the good ole days (before all the tourists). 

Not on the facebook page but I am on NextDoor for the place in London. It's mainly one long row about the LTN and how all selfish drivers/cyclists/anyone who doesn't live their life exactly like the person ranting is. Otherwise it's mainly lost cats and complaints about dogs. Mainly from people who seem to be absolutely terrified of dogs. I am always surprised how many of these there are. Keep in mind the 'average' dog in our area is a Maltipoo. To be fair the dog sh1t (and barking) is out of control though. A lot of lockdown dogs bought by people who can't really look after them. 

If this is not permitted then admin please remove.... followed by

Libel, self promotion and sale of goods rather than using the marketplace page.

'Could the owner of the dog that has been barking all day on Wordsworth Close please do something about it. So inconsiderate - my partner is on nights'

'Must be one of your neighbours. Why not knock on the door and ask them rather than coming on here etc etc'

'I didn't come on here to be abused by people who know nothing about my anxiety etc etc'

and repeat...

Our local Facebook group is mostly positive.  I am taking over as admin in a few weeks.  :)

Lots of lost pets.

Rumours about developments that will RUIN the suburb.

Asking for recommendation for tutors/services/etc.

Asking for housing at 1/3 of market rate in an insanely tight market