Wouldn’t it be the perfect time for Rambo 4

for the gammons

who could be starring?

Dux as Rambo? Holed up waging a guerilla campaign in the New Forest for Hamphire independence?

Oh shit I missed out

thank you for having your finger on the pulse 


epic fail

(ps wtf is wrong with rambo the whole point is that he is rejected and used by the "gammons")

I may have to watch the Rambo 4 film tonight (I think it's just called "Rambo", innit?). 

Gammonator Retribution

Nigel Farage travels back through time to try and kill Churchill, thereby preventing the founding of the EU.  Accidentally ensuree that the Germans win WWii.


Gammonhog Day?

Once a year someone digs Mark Francois out of a hole in the ground and he spouts the same random idiocy as always.

Kingsman:  The Gammon Circle

Spy agency finally decides to intervene and prevent economic catastrophe and societal collapse at the hands of stereotypical bond villains.