Will the UK join the US's Gulf waters alliance?
PerfidiousPorpoise 10 Jul 19 13:29
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What's the difference between honoring a "special relationship" and being a vassal state?

I hope not, because he's a vacuous, dementia-raddled gumby who's on the brink of leading us into nuclear war out of sheer capriciousness.

 vassal; plural noun: vassals

  1. a holder of land by feudal tenure on conditions of homage and allegiance

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Only on RoF do people quibble about etymology rather than addressing the actual point.

Question for Jorrockx and other property spodes: is all land in the US (let's ignore the shyt bits like florida louisianna and california) still as a matter of law held freehold by the grace of her madge?

Drax will scoff but ignore that the statute of lizzie1 is the basis of much of c11


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