Who's side are you on here?

Every year the guid taxi drivers of Edinburgh participate in a charity event where they drive "the disabled kids" of the city on a jaunt to the seaside and there are costumes and balloons and the taxis are decorated and whatnot. Maybe a bit Victorian? Idk.

Anyway, what I did not know is that they also throw water balloons and spray water pistols at passers by. Including through car windows.

So anyway today this lad gets soaked with a water balloon and goes nuts and lies down in the road in protest, holding up the (imo slightly problematic) parade of disabled kids.

Here he is:


Anyway I am sort of team nobody and I think this is possibly the ultimate ahem undignified fight. Don't harass lieges FFS!

Said anyway too many times pls mentally redact one or two

Standing calmly and stylishly by it

Now answer the question


i also originally thought houzz was pronounced the same way, but then on reflection realised it was clearly meant to be house with a “z”

like that time when I pretended my keyboard couldn’t type “s” so I had to use “z” instead. drove Lydia nuts

With whom do you side, Sergio? The infuriated man assaulted as he went about his day or the idiotic organisers encouraging children with possibly restricted nuance to spray strangers with water?

who’s being the most annoying and unreasonable twat of the lot?

I would say the organisers but the guy who goes nuts does look really undignified

actually it’s house with two zs, inexplicably

remains me of that old maths joke, how do u calculate the volume of a pizza?

Choosing to leave for good times at the seaside seems a totally understandable choice. 

Forcing people to Remain by blocking the Queen’s highway seems unreasonable, and undemocratic.

I make no comment on the use of water pistols. Except to say that surely everyone must condemn Jo Brand’s comment about the relative merits of milkshake and battery acid.