where would you order a bespoke badge from?

I want one that looks fairly swish

I'm intrigued.  What sort of badge?  Like with your name on it and the tag line "her shit don't stick" in italics beneath it or some sort of jaunty image?

I actually want it to say cha bu chòir

A flump for anyone who can divine the significance without google

I googled and got a method of curing herrings. Still baffled...though better informed on fish preserving techniques

Speak to Alan Partridge. Ask him who produces his tie and blazer set. Just be careful you aren’t made promises that aren’t kept. 

I have a feeling strutter is your man on this one.  he has a rolodex (u know that this is true at least) with details of the finest black military parade uniform providers, best male knee high boot specialists, important looking hats purveyors, even people who can sew impressive looking campaign badges to attach to your top left (can I say upper breast or should i say lower clavicle...?).  I believe his mum can also plait a wonderful ropey god shoulder arrangement.  not the sun glasses tho they are from a stand in the local co-op


They were on special to be fair - October and all that, when the summer rush is over.