What's the fastest you've ever driven?

On the Queen's Highway, I mean, rather than a dedicated racetrack or something.

115!? Unless you were driving on the Eyre Highway, that's an insanely fast speed.

heh @ Buzz pootling along in the slow lane

Out of my way, grandad!

No, that was on a tuned up Fireblade.  My mate got his Blackbird up to nearly 180.  He was a police officer, too.

i got to 118mph in a nissan micra on an autobahn

it was downhill for a long time

absolutely terrifying

115!? Unless you were driving on the Eyre Highway, that's an insanely fast speed.

Yeah I was a bit of a speed demon when I was young and believed I was immortal. Wouldn't do it now.

(Apart from anything else I only drive hire cars and other people's cars now.)

TBF Dux it was in a 20 zone over a zebra crossing by a school gate at 845 am.

I also did 63  on my road bike (pushbike) down a steep hill in Somerset.  That was all kinds of terrifying.

Is it bad that Anna has rocketed in my estimation after this confession?

No.  I have to admit that I cracked a little ./. when she said it, too.

ever driven? probably 110-115 on that bit of the a3 between gford an cobham.

ever driven trackwise - 120 in an m3 or similar in an atom.  the latter was terrifying.

fastest driven as a passenger must be the 20 min trip from alton rugby club to dorking rugby club in a suberu impreza.  my m7 dave had won it for a week for being top salesman that month.  



It was very easy to stray over 100 in the bmw z8 we had pre kids. My current car starts to shudder if you get near 75

I wound my first car up to over 110 showing on the speedo.

But being an Austin Princess it was probably about 68mph in reality.

Still got the ./. tho

I did that thing @ Dunsfold where you can pay (for charity) to be driven round in a racing car. I went in a Porsche with a chap who seemed to know what he was doing. We hit 160mph at one point. It was surprisingly relaxing.

Just over 200 km/h on the AP1 approaching Burgos in Northern Spain.  Perfect day, completely empty road.  In a rental Citroen C5.  We made good time.

Again, when I was a kid probably 110-115ish. I never really paid attention to the exact figure...

About 150mph in Germany. I got beeped and flashed at from behind for going too slow. Strange roads.

Around 130ish on the m45

M6 toll used to be great for this until.the rozzers got wind of it

I've driven over 100mph on many of the UK's m/ways (M1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 6 toll, 8, 18, 180, 20, 25, 26, 40, 42, 62, A1(M)).

I used to drive a lot very early in the morning.


Tbf I'm probably with Heff on this. I doubt I've done much more than 85 lol.

In fact I've probably faced cricket balls faster than my driving.

I wanted to see how the speed-limiter kicks in once - whether it was a sudden slowing or the power justs levels out. 

Turns out it’s the latter. 

in a car - about 100

on a bike - about 140


I very rarely speed these days, cameras everywhere and you usually end up saving sod all time. 

Anyway, on that stretch of the autobahn  I just pulled over and let him past. He was trying to floor it.

A bright yellow Lambo. I saw the wreckage about ten miles later. Not pretty. Nutcase.


Do rof still do personalised emjoi things? 

like the old poo one?

If so can we have a cool story chambo one? Perhaps a massive joey face doing an eye roll?

160km/ph c1990 on the Dukes Highway. It was a 110km speed limit back then, though everyone without a caravan or trailer hooned along at 120km/ph.

The car was running smoothly but I dared not push it any faster.

155 on the Autobahn when I lived in Germany. That was the car on its limiter.

140mph on the M4 at about 4 in the morning, still cant believe no camera snapped me.

about 130 on the autopista between Madrid and Lisbon, we got stopped and paid the 100 euro fine which we had budgeted for as we were in a hurry to get to the England V France match that evening


Where I used to live in Germany there was a speed camera on the Autobahn just outside town that was the most financially productive in Germany. It was on a stretch of the road where the limit dropped from unlimited to 100kmh on a downhill. Unlike our fine British cameras it is also painted grey so if you are not looking for it you can easily miss it.

on a racetrack/closed road/autobahn I once topped out my old volvo which meant, according to the speedo, 150ish


pretty good for an old banger 

A schoolm7 of mine claims he managed to land in a transport plane at Brize Norton at 9:20 in the evening, get on his bike and make it to a pub in Liverpool for last orders.  That is fucking shifting given it's 180 miles or thereabouts.  Or he could be full of shit.

Allowing 4 minutes to change from his flying gear and exit the runway to his waiting vehicle, he would have to ridden long-distance at 112.5 mph.

Not beyond the realms of possibility, Duxter.  See my comment about going 140 mph on a Fireblade.  Although 140mph is so fast on a bike that you have to open your eyes all the way and hyperventilate to take in oxygen, as otherwise you literally cannot take in everything that you need to(visually) in order to remain safe.

140 mph on a bike feels like god is trying to pull your head off. 


I've been @140 pillion on a B road in Anglesey. Fucking near shat myself.  

142 MPH,albeit briefly, and I remember thinking this is really shifting. I also covered 120 miles 1 hour and 28 minutes once, which was about 30 minutes less than what AA/Bing said it would take

I hate going pillion.  I've only done it once, and that was more than enough.  The feeling of not being in control when doing those sorts of speeds is horrific. 

I doubt I have gone over 100mph in the UK, at least not for more than a few seconds when overtaking.  I can't think of a UK road I have driven on where above that feels even remotely safe. Maybe some motorway up north at 5am on a June day or something.

Out here where there are some very long, very straight roads it's probably more like 120mph. If I had ever owned a really fast car it would probably have been quicker. There are speed cameras absolutely fecking everywhere out here now though.

Donny I summise two things from your post: 


I doubt I have gone over 100mph in the UK, at least not for more than a few seconds when overtaking.  


This indicates you've probably not gone anywhere near 100


 I can't think of a UK road I have driven on where above that feels even remotely safe


You must drive something terribly awful. Nearly any half decent half modern motor feels (dangerously) safe at over 100

No comment.  But I own a ferrari it’s faster than anything mentioned by quite a long way.



That's marginally faster than Chambo's 150mph.  Which I don't care about - my dick is not so small that I need to compete.

But I have spent a fuck load of time at 200+ on the Autobahn (probably more than all other roffers combined) and there is no way that you get beeped and flashed doing 150mph.  It simply doesn't happen.  If you're at that speed, you're overtaking 99.9 per cent of traffic.  And you're so fckn wired that - if ever happens, which is rare, despite the bullshit he tells - you don't get flashed or beeped because you're so alert to it that you've moved over if at all possible before he needs to beep. Maybe you get some grief if you're at 160 because you're pootling along and you had to overtake a Dutch caravanner.

But sorry chambo, I forgot you drove in one time from the airport on the A99 so you know better.

128mph on the M3 on a gixxer 750 before I bottled it.


80mph in the New Forest in first gear on the same bike.  Fcuking lethal machine that was.

With Rufus on the autobahn comment. Lived out there for a year but was usually driving a van which topped at 100 mph meaning that you are constantly checking rear view for people driving at 140+ as you have to get back in quick. But no one beeps and flashes. It's efficient. You overtake and get straight back in. 

104mph at 3am on a motorway with no cameras.  Then I slowed right down because I realised what a dick I was.

I don't listen to the radio in the car anymore. I found the more beat in the music, the faster I drove.

I now like the peace of a quiet car.



Dogwarden's comment about music is true. The fastest I ever did was about 115mph on the A31 between Guildford and Farnham, and I put that down to the tunes I was listening to at the time.

I had you down as some kind of Mad Max character in the Aussie outback Rufus.

I was driving one of the late lamented Golf R32s in Bavaria. It could have probably gone faster, but I'm not suicidal.

Heh.  Well the fastest I've driven in NSW was 140kmh when I was late for an exam due to a fire.

Fastest ever in Oz was about 160kmh in the NT, before they brought in speed limits.  Which I think they've now abolished again.

The unrestricted zone in the NT starts about 10 miles out of Darwin.  But let's be honest, the Stuart Highway doesn't really compare to the A3.

Fastest I've ever travelled in a car was just over 300 on the A5.  I wasn't driving and am quite glad of that.

Who reckons Teccos Ferrari (fourteenth hand, no careful owners) would win in a flat race against chambo's (tinkered with) VW golf?

*clicks on thread*

*ctrl+fs "teclis"*

*isn't disappointed*

Mine hasn’t been adjusted by police though, and I had to have both front seats removed and replaced with a couch so I could fit my buttocks in.

The factory claims the top speed of my bike is 147mph. I got it to 140 on the downhill 4 lane stretch of the m6 south of Lancaster at 3am on my way back from the Island having been at the IOM TT all week and got off the ferry at Heysham with a lot of other bikes. We all tootled through the villages then got on the motorway and rode together. Most were on RRs, tooled GXRs and Blades, and my mate was on a KTM Superduke and I was on an ST1300 Pan European.  I started to realise the lamp posts were going by a bit faster than they usually did and looked down at the needle on the gauge and slowed down.  That was too fast for me and I usually have no fear.

Mutters, the fastest you've been is 2mph on your sit-on lawnmower in the rectory garden.

you have no idea what you are talking about.   I rode the TT course and clocked 110 on the Sulby Straight and thought I was the beans until I was overtaken by a real rider at about 180.  That's like standing still on the motorway.  

I have always had a weakness for speed and adrenalin, hence the bikes, classic car racing and skydiving.  However, I tend to stay inside the speed limit these days to avoid crisis as I got a bit up on points a few years ago and was having to make sure I didn't get a totter's ban. But I was back down to zero  in April this year. Imagine how pleased I was to get done the following week by a mobile camera on the M27 in the temp 50 zone. Back up to 3 again. 

I doubt anyone races the TT on a Pan-European.

Cam had a few serious racing bikes and used to go there every year. Maybe still does.

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In race week you can ride the course all day until it is closed for races. anyone who has been there knows that's half the fun of it. But when you do, the racers are out there practising and you have to get out of the way.

Yes, I rode my Pan round the TT circuit - the full mountain circuit - every day for 6 days with a mate who was on a KTM superduke. We were not the weirdest. The amount of Italians on their Guzzi tourers and big Goldwings was amusing, but so were the Germans on their 1200 BMWs with all their tents and shit on board.  Crazy times.

I took my panniers off. It is a 1300cc sports tourer so it does shift and being a v-4 and built with that ST profile it does actually handle better than many big bikes. Anyone who knows about bikes will confirm this.

There is one weekend race called mad Saturday when you race for real and you are qualifying to race in the actual race. If you get overtaken by a marshal then you are out. If you make it to the finishing line with no marshal overtaking then you have qualified for the Tourist Trophy. We, of course, did not do Mad Saturday. it's all blades, GXRs and RRs.

I also had my classic with me on that tour which is a Norton but it had a major fuel bleed and remained in the garage at our house in Niarbyl bay. It would have been even funnier if I had been on that.

obviously no top box and shit

there was an ST1300 Pan European owner's club on the island that week from Kent. We actually had a morning ride/race round from Ramsay which was hilarious.

Final point to Chambo who, because he has not done something decides that it is not true:

you see that pear drop shaped plastic cover (black) which is a fairing protector in front of the riding position? This covers a frame outrigger. The reason it is there is because this bike is the only large sports tourer on which you can actually get your knee down and scrape the side if you make a mistake. So they fit that to take the scratches.

Someone on here Miss Mentalz maybe? inherited a Vincent Black Shadow. I offered to buy it a couple of times but she wasn't selling, even though she couldn't ride bikes.

So was chambo*


* see page 44 of The Life and Times of Hugo J Chambo by Hugo J Chambo (Hoddard & Stoughton, £19.99 in hardback)

Heh at Wang. They are still amazing Mutters, mainly because they are iconic.

I think it’s unrepeatable in civilised company

suffice to say I left a May ball quite late and made it in time to jump on a yacht at Plymouth in time for the tide at about 6 in the morning.  God bless BMW 750s and their motorway skills 

Mutters my father had a Norton in the late 1950s. He says that it wasn't the fastest bike around but that it handled the best. 

Cannot believe I logg3d back in for chambo, but whatever.

I've been flashed at 150mph in Germany. He was still flashing at 170 when I moved over. It does happen a lot, esp around Stuttgart and Munich. 

Wet Sunday night, two lane autobahn. Mega dangerous. 

Fastest I've been? Probably 180mph on the A5, off the clock in any case. Over 170 indicated pretty much every week in the 911 when I had no cares for pensions and such.

Oh to be young again.


 Norton were the first to understand the value of bushing the engine mounts to reduce vibration on the frame and through your hands and body. As a result they felt like hovercraft in comparison to their competition at the time. 

When I was a kid the Norton Commando was legendary. 

Mutters my father had a Norton Dominator. My grandfather became exasperated with the local plod complaining about my dad's escapades on said bike and threatened to smash it up if my father didn't get rid of it immediately. He was a vicious fekker so my dad took him at his word and sold the bike the next day ( probably for a rubbish price). My dad loved that bike.


Subaru WRX around 180-190km flooring it on the straight.  I remember it taking an awful lot longer than I thought it would to brake into the turn.




That was on a proper race circuit so it doesn't count  and I don't speed on the road.

Yeah anyone can floor it on a racetrack when there's no fuzz chasing you, cats/caribou/coyotes/kangaroos jumping out into the road, or old dears with shopping to worry about.

Would not get close to this these days but long long ago

RR with v8 4.4l petrol engine and Y Tyres