what is your least favourite hour of the working day?

3pm - 4pm, lunch a distant memory, feel sleepy, still a way to go before finishing.

I have a friend at work with who I just text "MWM" at 3pm on a wednesday and we both leave the office and go for Martinis.

It helps.

Hard to choose between 2-3 and 3-4

both terrible in their own way. If they were places they would be Sittingbourne and Sheerness.

3-4 is the best! Day nearly over. 

I'd say the first hour, 10-11. Too late for me to refuse to have a meeting, but too early for me to be fully awake. 

4-5 isn't really work, more just doing overtime or mopping up some bits and pieces. It used to be G & T at the desk time, when we had offices. 

10-11 pm. To NY: "Oh no, it's not too late at all, don't worry. It's important that we speak today."