what sort of a person do you reckon watches This Morning?

people off work on heavy duty painkillers, mums on mat leave who haven't made any friends through NCT and the producers of This Morning, right?

Like all daytime TV. The adverts are for ambulance-chasing lawyers, stairlifts, and cheap supermarkets. 

I reckon the audience is probably slightly more diverse since WFH. But before that, everyone would be in the office / factory / building site / school. 

The benefit of streaming means you can watch good stuff at any time of day, and not be stuck with guff because you're off sick.  Why is this sheeite still a thing?



I can only think people who literally lack the emotional vigour needed to change the channel would watch it

That nice fresh faced chappie who’s on there, what’s his name? And that girl with him, the one who looks like she can feed her kids when the shops are shut. Lovely, aren’t they?

Lots of people doing stuff at home in the morning who have it on the background and are half paying attention.  Like the fact I used to have BBC Breakfast on while ironing my shirt and getting ready for work.

people who like adverts.  because the same sort of programme is on bbc at the same time, without adverts. 

I read something that said the audience fluctuates between 500,000-1 million depending on things like the weather which tells you it’s not that popular really and is watched by people whose activities are dictated by weather which rules out most people with kids or a job.