Two things:

1.  v good documentary on Andy Warhol on iPlayer at present:

2. Karl Lagerfeld is fat again.

Lagerfeld being fat again fills me with glee and schadenfreude.

Me too, Tricky! I also think Chanel is getting very boring and stale and so is he. I think he's bloated with his own ego.

Chanel jumped the shark 5 years ago. He's just a money grabbing one trick pony now.

Serves him well for being such a dick about women who are not stick figures. I see he's still stuffing his bulk into Hedi Slimane. Talk about one trick ponies.... I hate what he did for Celine.

Me too! I follow an Instagram which just shows Phoebe's Celine. It's dreamy.

No, he famously lost a huge amount of weight and has been slim for a long time. Hilariously boasting that since doing so, he can eat whatever he wants. Think that's catching up with him now.

Karl was never hot, but he was very slim for a good number of years.

How slim  I have never seen a pic of him slim but there again why would I, having no interest in high fashion

I have such an aversion of all things chanel nowadays. Which is sad because some of it is iconic.

lagerfeld is comfortably into his 80s so he is perfectly entitled to get fat and cranky