Train bogs that dump sewage on line
a perfectly no… 12 Feb 19 13:47
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These are to be phased out, apparently. I was watching a documentary which said that disgusting piles of human effluent build up on the trackbed at London stations because people ignore the admonitions not to flush the toilets in station.

Such people were roundly lambasted inn the programme. If they are knowingly disregarding the warnings, then that is grossly inconsiderate I agree, but maybe - just maybe - they find it hard to believe that in 2018 trains actually still dump raw shite straight onto the railway? I found this incredible tbh. How much money do we spend on trains, and they can't fit a basic tank like a caravan has?

Need to fit masticators capable of a Dundee cake m8.  Too expensive innit.

It's a long time since I've been on a train which flushed straight onto the track.  I remember the French trains where the flap would open when you flushed and you'd be able to see the ballast and sleepers zipping by.

Apparently it's now only a minority of British trains that do this (you can bet this includes the trundling shitheaps that run up and down the West Anglia "main" line out of Liverpool Street) but I was amazed to hear it hadn't been phased out decades ago. The RMT will strike at the drop of a hat, but they're seemingly relaxed about being spray-coated with high velocity turd while working trackside.

Probably because the old trains are so slow the splatter is moving so slowly they can just walk out of the way.

Some former colleagues came out of the in-house team at what was BR before privatisation.  They had stories about what could happen with the change in air pressure if someone pressed flush at precisely the right (rather very wrong) moment at which a train went into a tunnel.  The freshly laid deposits could be blasted back upwards showering the unfortunate passenger in their own piss 'n' shyte.  They had to deal with the compo/dry cleaning expenses claims.

2019 and we have actual trains just dumping piss and shitt all over the place? 

But we're gonna handle this brexit thing right?

Unfortunately, the trains that don't do this now smell of sewage

Which takes the shine off the train wine a bit

Aren't there tomato plants thriving on railway lines, because passengers have, er, planted them?



ugh - how on earth could anyone bear to do a number 2 on public transport?!?!?!?!


I have to use the Virgin West Coast to see my Aged Ps.  The loos always smell like Glastonbury.

Judo some times you just have to go especially if you're on the train home from say a heavy stag weekend in Newcastle.

No-one with a modicum of self-control or normal human levels of disgust needs to use anything other than their own home lavatory.

Wtf? You're literally shitting. Better to destroy a public bog rather than my own. 

You'd rather than I just let it seep out of my jeans and into the train seat when the ten pints of lager, kebab and greasy breakfast kick in?

Heh @ Pimpkin's link. 

"It said it has grown on a stretch of track "notorious" for the amount of human waste dumped from trains. The photo was taken on a section of line between Southend and London's Liverpool Street station."

It's the same guy every day on his way into work, taking a dump, isn't it. 

Judy, were you one of those day pupils at prep school that burst into tears if someone had seen you take a poo in the school bogs?

I remember one chap like that who swore me to secrecy after I witnessed him exiting a cubicle.  I was like "well seeing as I live here I'd explode or something if I didn't use the school toilets but ok pal, whatevs."

Clearly either Judy has sphincter muscles of steel or has never been on a sleeper train, inter-railed or been on any of the great train journeys of the world

Judy - famously - has sphincter muscles of steel.

Trains last a VERY long time.  Forty years is quite normal.  The only ones with bogs that empty onto the track are now very old and will be gone soon.  For reasons which are not clear about HALF the railway carriages in the country are being replaced in the three years 2017 - 2020 so it will all be over very soon.