Tottenham Court Road buskers

Please could we have something from the current century tomorrow having had the Traveling Wilburies and Elton John over the last two days.

Older folks have more disposable cash.

You have to target your market.

Oh, and the music was better then.

No Bloop but I thought I might get a few more answers like Strutter's telling me how music was better in the old days.

Music was better in the old days.  Buxtehude is proof.  

There used to be a great busker at Waterloo Station. I think he played an amplified harp, various types of music.The sound of all those strings reverberating off the tunnel walls. I used to just stop and listen. A bit late for work, who cares. And I gave him a fiver because he was good.

Is there an audition process for buskers on the Tube because some of their terrible?

Haven't seen the blind man who whistles at Bank for a while.  He was good.

There's a bloke at Green Park called Rockin' Steve Dixon who has performed Streets of London approx 15,000 times and yet does each one like it's his first. Legend.