Too beautiful...

...I'm struggling with this.

It's a constant battle to be taken seriously...

The only charitable thing to do is surround yourself by fugly people (like Wang) so they can bask in your reflected glory and stand a chance of pulling some day.

Good tip Badders... ...I find fugly people just want to be close. I'm obviously pleased to provide some small crumb of comfort by allowing them to bask in the aura of sensuous gorgeousness radiating from my person..

Let us leave beautiful people to those with no imagination.

Lady P... ...any tips about how you shoulder this burden?

I've tried the whole no makeup look but, if I'm being honest, it just makes things worse... that I mean I look naturally stunning.

God, same. I'm wondering whether the answer is actually to put more makeup on to make myself look like a cross between Kim Kardashian and Eddie Izzard.

I'm so beautiful that I had to go and live in London so there was no danger of me depleting the area of lesbians.  This is why Fluffy refuses to meet me.  She knows she'll turn.