... I move out of London after 22 years to start a new life out west with Badders. I feel like we’ve been packing non stop for AGES. How the actual flip did we manage to cram so much stuff into this poor little house. It’s a wonder it didn’t burst. I think Badgers is most excited about the scalectrix we found in the loft.

OH moved here 2 weeks ago after being in London for 20 odd years, we've been playing furniture Tetris ever since. It'll be lush good luck x

Thank you! It’s so weird that East London won’t be my home any more. I’ve spent my whole adult life here. But I’m ready to go now.

There is something so novelish and moving about these moves. Passage to the forever home.


Oh god what novel would my life be 

not Madame bovary 

something really prosaic I fear 

It’s certainly bitter sweet. There are so many memories in this house - good and bad.

I literally couldn't be happier 

nauseating isn't it 

Best of luck poppets, come back and visit lots!


He will now be Badger forever.  Does that make you Bodger?!

Wait. Badders isn't with Badlady anymore? (and yes I realise I've been away for a while).

You were away for a while, but you've been back for months haven't you?!

Does the Scalextric still work? My parents were poor and got me a Yugoslav knock-off. One of the cars melted. Fun times.

London / Bristol relationships. There have been a few on RoF.

I will be back every week on Mondays and Tuesdays for a while, so will be around. I’m sure Badders will be up pretty frequently too. And I do like mashed potato...

Catch up Orwell.


Imagine leaving London to live in the fucking provinces

and then imagine doing that so you could live with Badders

fucking he’ll love, it’s like you’ve won some kind of inverse lottery

Haven’t tried it out yet - I thinks it’s a proper one, so hopefully no melty issues.

Oi, you bunch of cunts!  Badger!  How very dare you?


Oh, and ^wot Wellers sed.  

Yes Stix, but not on very often.  It's not like the relationship status of roffers get mentioned on a daily basis.

Actually, that's where you're wrong. But NuNuRof is a bit better on that count than the last one.

I am so excited for you MJJ. And I’ve seen the particulars and the new house looks mega lush. Congrats all the newly cohabiting lovebirds xxx 

Thanks, Dusty.  We're very much looking forward to a new phase of our lives together.

Ugh. My phone doesn’t work now I’ve copiously puked all over it. Thanks Badders. 

Congrats and good luck to Badjayjay and Hoolicus. xx

Well, we're finally here.  But we'll be back.  Next Friday in fact!


Have a good weekend all.

I actually love Bristol, but to move on with a man who willingly wears lederhosen in public?!

Good luck you two I’ll do my best to catch up with you in bit. <3

Moved out of London with Mrs J a few years back. However, I still have to come into London prob 2 days each week.

c’est la guerre. 

I suspect there’s a recession around the corner, ie: in 2020, and for what I do, London will bear it better than the provinces.

Bristol, eg, has benefitted from outsourcing from London for lower costs but I fear that much will be dragged back once the recession hits. Funding drives business and London remains an international financial hot spot and that extends beyond Europe so post-Brexit, London will recover quicker and make the running IMHO.

Congratulations both.


Tecco she cant help it - home made pickled eggs are like catnip to her


A heartfelt "Whhoo" and an unabashed "Hoooo"


Good luck 

Heh @ Badjayjay (shouldn't it be Badgerjay?) and Hoolicus.

Congrats to you all and good luck with the unpacking.