Tommy Robinson is back at the Central Criminal Court tomorrow

Old Bailey will be very noisy , last time is was very unpleasant

That's because he's a despicable little hate-monger, innit?

So those watching at the Old Bailey will either be (i) fellow despicable little hate-mongers or (ii) thick people with nothing better to do/unemployed who want to go along and vent some self-righteous chav-rage about issues they don't fully comprehend.  Daily mail compo faces at the ready, folks.

well when I had a look around 12 it wasnt that big a crowd  , thought- double yellow lines about the court, no one is allowed to park, but TR can park up a flat bed lorry with a poster on it


Why is he allowed to do that and why isnt it being towed away?

Yes, but he's a cunt.  That's why he's on trial.  What's a minor traffic infraction on top of that?