Taylor Swift

Lol at the 4chan incels!

This is not a laughing matter. Our lady has betrayed us. 

For those who are wondering what Supes is talking about.

Incel = Involuntarily Celebate.

4Chan = the Mos Eisley of the internet.

Taylor Swift = the greatest recording artist of all time.

LOL = Laughing Out Loud.

Denizens of 4Chan treasure Taylor Swift, and have taken her silence on political issues to mean that she was a closet Republican, because obviously no one famous is allowed to openly say that they support the Republicans or they get banned from Twitter, dumped by their label, etc, because the only correct thought process is to vote Democrat. Everyone knows this. It's science.
Picture abound of Taylor in MAGA hats (photoshopped). 

Ms Swift has now come out in favour of the Democrats, and so some 4chan posters are upset at this apparent betrayal. 

Others are stating that the Dem's have always kept her as a secret weapon, to be deployed when things are so bad that they really need a shot in the arm to revive their fortunes.

Personally? I don't care. I love her music (the earlier stuff, mainly, when she was underground), don't care about her politics.

As someone right-leaning, I think that left-leaning people are generally just good people with bad ideas. Lefties think that all right-leaning people are inherently evil, and probably not even people. 

I know sweet f*ck all about this story or her politics but for the sake of making some form of contribution, wood until it fell off and then again some more with the bloody tattered stump

But which Taylor, Buzz?

Sweet country music Taylor?

Ringmaster "red tour" Taylor?

Metropolitan "1989" Taylor?

Post-pop Madonna-esque "Reputation" Taylor?


"Lefties think that all right-leaning people are inherently evil, and probably not even people."


define leaning - my mother was quite upset I called her right wing as she's "not a fascist...."


Why did you call her right wing?

Obviously, anyone to the right of Owen Jones is obviously a nazi fascist gammon monster. 

Distressing that she has been brainwashed to the extent of immediately thinking that right wing = fascist. Guess the BBC is doing its job well.

heh @ that being the beeb - she is far too old for that


she is right wing (lover of Maggie, grew up in the colonies, poor people are poor because they don't make any effort, what's mine is mine, girls in mini skirts that are assuaulted/raped brought it on themselves, etc)


she isn't brainwashed, she just thinks she is centre - which makes it v. amusing

Those all sound like fine centrist views to me as well and your ma appears to be deeply sound.

I think you may the one who is out of step here.

At the time and place of your choice, as you well know

HEH@ 4chan being the “Mos Eisley of the Internet”

PS - and of course she’s a Democrat. Is there anyone in her age demographic in the entertainment industry who is a Republican? Although admittedly country music is a bit more right wing. 

It’s like asking whether the average soldier votes Dem or Republican 

Tay-Tay grabbed the deplorable Marsha Blackburn by the pussy. Good for her!