Stephen Yaxley-Lennon

Back off to prison.

What an awful shame.

Why do people insist on using his former name rather than the one he actually prefers? Ironically it's usually the same folk who have a hissy fit if someone refers to Emily Thornberry as Lady Nugee. 

I use his real name 3-Dux.  It isn’t sexist to do so, which calling Thornberry Lady Nugee is.

i don’t have any problem fascist deadnaming a cunt like SYL.

Hopey Helpy

Did the judge actually say Stephen Yaxley-Lennon was going down?  Sentencing hasn't happened yet...

I'm at the Bailey this week and yesterday and today have been a circus.  We could hear the chanting both days in Court.  Not cool, not cool at all.  I was outside when they announced the ruling.  I pity the police who have been gathered on mass to prevent any violence, there was uproar from the gathered crowds.

Its been a very unpleasntr two days for us in the surrounding offices as well

I have just seen a clip released by the Independent, FFS how does this cvnt manage to get such support on a day they should be working. He genuinley believes he is a bloody celebrity and it doesn't help when he is escorted by half a dozen or more police officers.


And the worst of it all, having seen numerous videos of him chatting shite, he does believe he hasa  brilliant intellect which mere mortals cannot follow, including high and crown court judges

They’re a class act, KN. I’ve dealt with them before and they’re excellent. 

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Dione Miller "The Labour Government, in 2008, under Gordon Brown and Home Secretary Jackie Smith sent a circular to all Police Forces stating that "We believe that these girls made an informed choice about their sexual behaviour, do not get involved in it" Some were 11 years old


Dux, perhaps it's because you're not allowed to change your name once you've been convicted of a criminal offence. Or perhaps it's because he's a nasty little oik who doesn't deserve anyone's respect.