So What Do You Think Of The New Top Gear Line Up?

I found them quite amusing... they may grow on me

Decent, better than the last lot

Glad theyve kept Chris Harris too

I liked the bloke from Friends but find Paddy McGuinness quite annoying.

I find the whole thing stupid. Top Gear used to be a sensible programme about motors. Now it's full of "banter" and breaking stuff and infantile jokes. Bit po-faced, soz. 

I liked it, although Flintoff is a bit wooden. They should just give him 10 pints before each show to loosen him up

Chris was right about the Mini. Shits all over what young people drive these days. 

I thought last night's episode was hilarious, I was laughing out loud for most of it

Think they have finally got the balance right. Definitely now watchable again.