So Trump seems to be turning on the GOP...

I'm seeing a news channel and new political party post his leaving?

Is nobody noticing that he's produced no evidence for his claims yet?

I've tried google but I can't find any sources that look at whether people's views on election fraud have changed since the election result.


Then it has to be "The Trump Party", he wants a political dynasty.

Must be pretty good odds on him being dead/senile/under house arrest by 2024

Is nobody noticing that he's produced no evidence for his claims yet?


I am so looking forward to Trump stiffing Giuliani on his legal fees and the two turning on each other, especially when Trump starts insulting his legal skills.

And let's face it, Trump has a massive track record of stiffing people on sums due and inviting them to sue him for it.

One would hope that Giuliani was at least sensible enough to ask for funds on account.

The real fun starts when he leaves office and loses immunity, looking forward to it immensely 

The typographical errors in the Kraken lawsuit (as per Cru’s link) with the lack of spacing arises when one copies and pastes materials directly from websites into word and then doesn’t  proof it. 

So basically it would indicate that the whole lawsuit filing is a patched together cut and paste that no one with a brain even reviewed. She should be disbarred for this shit. 

i really enjoyed barr saying that he has seen no evidence of electoral fraud on a scale big enough to sway the election

i enjoyed even more giuliani’s response, without a hint of irony or awareness of idiocy that barr’s “opinion appears to be without any knowledge... of the substantial irregularities and evidence of systemic fraud”

"She should be disbarred for this shit."  I can't get my head around the fact that the lawyers should be able to walk away from all this without any repercussions.  One of his lawyers (one Joe di Genova) recently said that Chris Krebs (who was the first to say that the election was free and fair, and was "terminated" for his trouble), should be "... drawn and quartered. Taken out at dawn and shot".  A lawyer advocating (however much you put it down to hyperbole) for bad things to happen to a fellow citizen because he told the truth - there have to be repercussions, surely...

i feel like there has to be a really bad dad joke focused on disbarring, improvised rap and the current attorney general of the us of a

Genova later said that it was just ‘political hyperbole’ though Cru... so it’s all ok. 

So President’s lawyers advocating hyperbolically for extra judicial killings of his enemies is fine... 

*insert massive fvcking eye roll here* 

Also interesting is that he was to be ‘drawn and quartered’ first which would presumably be cruel and inhuman treatment and a violation of the 8th Constitutional amendment against such things. 

I wonder what Guliani's motivation is, surely the reasons for his fervour and zeal go beyond mere ideology and belief... and his profuse sweating indicates this too.

Dirt on each other relating to shady dealings in NY real estate?

A large part of Trumps appeal is that he is not part of the political establishment and has no background in politics. A lot of people like him because they are tired with a seemingly ineffective political industry. It makes sense for Trump to set up his own party or group.

Do you have to be 'approved' by the party to stand in the republican primaries?  I thought he was an independent when he did it in 2016?

Unless they can refuse to allow it, the GOP won't have any option if he is avaliable and wants to run in 2024, the election shows he has massive grass-roots republican support.  Once he's the candidate, the party and republicans who don't like him will swallow their pride and fall into line just like they did before.  Starting his own party would be a massive mistake in my view (which, ironically, I hope he makes), as well as unnessecary. 

There is just no way Trump will be physically capable of being the candidate in 2024.

He  will however definitely start campaigning for it the day after Biden is inaugurated.

Trump will be doing it for one reason only, it allows his campaign to operate, accept cash and continue the grifting.

This political campaigning satisfies both his narcissistic supply needs and his financial ones. 

he has raised over $150m just in support of his ‘legal challenges’ already... but in the fine print of those collections it’s very clear he can also direct that money elsewhere. 

it’s the magic money pot for him.  

PerfidiousPorpoise02 Dec 20 09:10

"Dirt on each other relating to shady dealings in NY real estate?"

Are you expecting a 'perp walk' from Guiliani? 



"i really enjoyed barr saying that he has seen no evidence of electoral fraud on a scale big enough to sway the election"

teH DeEp stAte evEn goT tO Bill Barr!!!  



There is an article in the Atlantic suggesting Guiliani is doing this to get a pardon.  He's said yes and no at various times.

I can't see how he won't get a pardon, he seems to know far too much.


a pardon for what? I've read you cannot pardon if you don't name the offences you give the pardon for?

It's amazing how much money he raised, isn't it?  Although I take some comfort from the fact that, apparently, most of the money was raised in the immediate aftermath of the election, maybe people are getting wise to him.  Mind you, even from the start, it was reported that 60% of money raised "for legal fees" would actually be diverted towards paying off debts, other stuff, and still people donated in their millions.

On a separate but related note - WTF has happened to Jon Voight???  Who would ever have believed that the man who made a movie as subversive and groundbreaking as Midnight Cowboy would end up, well, wherever the fvck he is right now.

He’s going to go full Farage isn’t he. The Trump Party is a given, as is Trump news. Threatening to hive off the Team Angry Loser vote is going to terrify the GOP and force them to pick him again or (more likely) hove hard to the Right to hear him off.

Good news for sane people tbh. is he in fact a secret democrat?

could v well be, trump party and trump tv, that would give the GOP leeway not to be a vehicle for right wing populists and openly racist people anymore




DD King, apparently in the US you don't have to be pardoned for specific crimes, you can just get a general pardon, so you don't need to have admitted anything!