Six Nations - Final Gameweek Prediction Thread

Lady Penelope 32

Wellers 27

Martian Law 23

Zero Gravitas 23

EC2Y 20

Monty 20

3-dux 19

Wang 17 (inc minus 4 points for being lazy)

??? 17

Stixta 16

Meursault 14

Boarder 14

Aviator  12

Jethers 12

Strutter 10

Asturias Es Mi Patria 0

Right, final fixtures:

Italy vs France

Wales vs Ireland (come on Ireland!!!)

England vs Scotland

Me = 

France - N'Tamack

Wales - Davies

England - May

Battle at the top between me and Anna. Interestingly, in the overall predictions we both predicted Wales to win the 6N, with Anna saying N to a grandslam and me saying Y. Both had Italy as wooden spoon winners.

oh, deadline for predictions is 11.59am on Saturday.

How is monty in this when he doesn't post any more?

I'm running it on the other board as well for exiles.

Tbf, if you copy my predictions exactly you're pretty much guaranteed to win.

Heh, that's true. But where would be the fun in that?

Bollix.  Went with my heart etc.

France - Bastereaud

Ireland - Ringrose

England - Cokanasiga

Maybe because I never entered it in the first place 3-Ducks. Attention to detail not your strong point.

Whilst I'm here, I'm pretty sure I saw an England player last week wearing a number 14 shirt playing at number 8 for a while, and a number 8 out in the centres.

An outrageous idea, one which I got castigated for on here a couple of years ago by the rugby purists.

My point is: you never enter, despite being a self-proclaimed expert on the Union Code. Funny that. 

When Manc Lad used to run it I entered. I got near the top a few times. Others took over, changed the rules arbitrarily, so I gave up.

Others took over, changed the rules arbitrarily, so I gave up.

1. I didn't take it over. I've run it the last couple of years because no one could be arsed to

2. I changed the rules because I can't be arsed collate all the different categories.

Can I change mine due to (a) fcukwittery and (b) the big bloke who is going to change the course of our back three history is not playing much to my surprise.

France - Bastereaud

Ireland - Ringrose

England - May

Fully understand if too late etc.

I haven't been taking part in this, but Wales v Ireland is going to be a corker. 

As potentially is England v Scotland.  

France - N'tmack

Wales - Stockdale

England - Curry

Trying not to come last despite missing all week 2 predictions !


Italy - Parissese

Ireland - stockdale

england - may

Italy v France is properly toss.  Wind here - could be good for the sweaties later.

You've let me down anna

 you've let your family and all of hampshire down