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Should we cancel ukraine’s debt?

Owen Jones, for the first in the history of humanity, has said something sensible.

I'm basing this on your one line summary ftaod in case there is some stupid shite in his article

Not sure how "we" can cancel it. Do you mean get the BoE to print some money to buy the debts off third parties and then write it all off?

the sovereign debt will almost all be NY law governed, so the state of NY would need to legisl8 the unenforceability of Ukraine’s debt contracts. Could be done, and would annoy hedgetwots

Uk govt coudl just make it illegal for any uk entity to transfer or collect on the debt.  Copy what they did for the other vulture debt legisaltion

I don’t actually think debt entered into by a democratic govt should be cancelled. The lenders/debt owners are as much victims of the Russian invasion than anyone else. 

Yes cancel it and not only that but rebuild their whole country for them once this is done. We should all pay for what they are doing for us.

The lenders/debt owners are as much victims of the Russian invasion than anyone else. 

Classic risky. 

If there's any debt owed to foreign governments that's one thing. As is repaying it for them. Forcing lenders to take a complete scalping on it isn't really fair and is the sort of thing that will tarnish your reputation as a level headed state. So the sort of thing that the current UK govt would probably consider. 

Its not a bad idea but Owen Jones no doubt sees this as an opportunity to lobby to cancel loads of other debt too.

Examples, Canary?

He's probably right on it too

We should cancel the interest at least on loads of predatory lending to developing nations and they have probably repaid a sum equal to the total borrowed capital many times over.

Likewise domestic debt owed by low-income households.  What's wrong with cancelling that? Or at least the interest element?

My views on Owen Jones are similar to Jolyon. Pretty ambivalent, but they do seem to annoy all the right people