Rofstronomers (Wang, Mutters et al)

I’m considering getting a pair of bins or a telescope to do a bit of stargazing. Any reccos or thoughts between the two? Or which to get? I don’t really want to rofkhunt it up and buy a ground based Hubble. 

Bins are easier but a scope will give you much better magnification.  for example if you want to see jupiter's spots and moons or saturn's rings properly you need a scope.  get one with electronic tracking.

That’s the kind of thing I want to be seeing. How much are you talking for something entry level? 

roll an A4 paper and gaze through it. Feels like telescope 

Get some second hand binoculars. You need larger lenses to capture as much light as there is. About 20x80 is good. Celestron do some budget ones that are pretty good (about £100). You'll get much of that back if you decide to sell them to buy a telescope. 

I've been able to see 4 of Jupiter's moons with my binoculars and they're only 8x42...

TBf my bins are a pair I got from an FTI golf day in about 2004 and a big set I inherited from my great uncle that probably date back to the 1960s

Yep. There are loads of camera stores which sell manufacturer refurbished on ebay. Otherwise, just get confirmation there's no fungus on the lenses and use your spidey sense when buying. 

Bento can I clarify whether you are going for an Arthur C Clarke gag in your 11.28?

heh - not really. I just became aware of a dodgy subtext when going on about binoculars.