ROF pub crawl
a perfectly no… 14 Nov 19 10:53
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Any takers for this idea? Just a mobile rofdrinks basically, except there’s be a defined start time (though latecomers could join at staging posts).

Pub golf would sort the hardened drinkers from the 2 pint lightweights.

Pub golf would sort the hardened drinkers from the 2 pint lightweights.

A pub crawl tends to do this to an extent anyway. What pub golf tends to do is sort the aggressive and oppressive drinkers from the ones who just want a few nice pints and/or to try some new pubs. 

isn't laz in an offshore location?

could be a very long crawl

I've previously suggested that Laz becomes a tour guide doing history and architecture themed pub crawls.

I'd be in.

Pub golf is exclusively for braying try hards, it is in no way a proper drinkers thing. 

Maybe next summer. Farringdon area seems popular based on the other thread.

Where quite a few of us used to work it seems.Twenty years ago in my case. Be interesting to see the changing pub landscape.

If Chambo is involved I want to be at this pub golf. Also I need to be warned as I don’t live in London anymore

Wot Zero Gravitas sed. If non-golf I'm interested.

Deffo up for a proper drinkers game (eg pub golf).

If just a "quiet pint with rofers" then Chambo's your man, I'm washing my hair that night. 

This has the potential to be a better night out than that time we all went to Infernos in Clapham!

Steady there, Phoebs - Chambo's presence is not yet confirmed.

If there is some knobber giving it the chat about drinking games and pub golf then, no. 

If there is a little pub crawl to meet a few fellow roffers, then yeah, I'd be up for this.  


Isn’t pub golf just basically wearing a flat cap and a gillet with rolled up trousers whilst you do a pub crawl?!

theres no beer pong or anything as far as I remember. 

All I want to know is just all of Chamber’s secrets and how he’s all wry smiles and corporate success and just nodding knowingly and going ‘I told them so, and they bloody figured it out eventually it seems. By the way I’m quite tall. Oh you’re standing next to me. Do you play rugby lad?’

Pub golf is just a way of identifying those people who never emotionally left university or the military.