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I see Mark Francois has been spouting shite again. But there was one thing which he said which stood out to me.

after hubris, comes nemesis

Now i have vague memories of my studies of Greek tragedy, but i do not recall a phase of the dramatic hero's journey called "nemesis" IIRC correctly, it went hubris, peripeteia, anagnorisis, catharsis or have i missed something?

Dunno, but I think Rhamnousia is the obvious poster to ask!

In Tharg iirc  Nemesis usually comes after Torquemada. 

Dunno. On the subject of psoriasis most people are a bit flaky 

People called the Romans, they go the house.

This line has been brought to you from 1979, and it’s now re-released in time for Easter.

Demosthenes - after hubris comes nemesis - a lesson for our time in a lawyer chat room 

‘Against Meidias’

In 348 BC Demosthenes, by then a significant politician and orator, was confronted by Meidias at the theatre. Meidias Bates him and then decked him with a punch in the face and stood there crowing over Demothsenes’ plight, making a proud speech belittling Demosthenes as people looked on. Believing the crowd was with him, Meidias puffed himself up to full pride and swaggered away with a ‘that’s how you do that’ attitude that Demosthenes did not respond to preferring use the event as an illustration of the validity of the rule of law. 

Demosthenes brought this ‘hubris’ (literally the act of angering the Greek Gods) to the attention of the Athenian court, bringing his own private prosecution of Meidias.

His habit of prosecuting those he had issues with - and the speeches he made - were in fact key formative elements of the Ancient Greek legal framework at around 300 BC. 

His speech against Meidias was a masterpiece of Greek oratorical prose and one of the earliest and most intriguing forensic speeches of our profession, giving fine chronological detail of Demosthenes' personal feud with Meidias and restating the formal structure of the Greek concept of hubris, arguing that the act of Divine insolence created the inevitability of nemesis through Adresteia (or Rhamnousia) whose Divine role was to exact retribution for wrongful acts and as such she was the inescapable agent of retribution. 

Demosthenes reminded the Court that the principle though which Adresteia must operate would be one of proportionality and inevitability - greater the hubris the greater and more public the downfall must be. As hubris  angered the Gods not just the victim or bystanders the act could not go unpunished as it was not a question for mortal discretion and the Court should not seek to stand in the way but to observe due process. 




when at school we practised speeches with pebbles in our mouths a la Demonsthenes.

Saying the word "Demosthenes" with a pebble in your mouth is about the hardest bit of that.


Sorry about the grammar, punctuation and spelling that went on in my earlier post but FFS is that all I get for that?

Mutters it is no more than I expect from you. You set your bar too high.

hey Judy I bet that was Mrs H! ( miss T in your day I believe)

she had us mapping the battle of salamis from the original text I seem to remember, I was all at sea with it (hah!)


The battle of salamis.  a brief but urgent sword skirmish between two opposing suitors,  followed by the Spearing of the Guava.

baited - my iphone changed this to Bates for some unknown reason.

After the Spearing of the Guava, the Cigarette of International Rapprochemont

I know Mutters. I do think  Meidias Bates sounds like a right little stuck up prig, tho...

Bates, come here boy.

Yes sir?

Bates, I'm moving you out of your current lodgings to share with Copernicus Johnson and Hapshetsut Rees-Mogg.

Yes sir. Very good sir. Sir?

What is it Bates?

Will Johnson be requiring blow jobs like my current room mate?

No Bates. That's why I am moving you. The demands put on you by Eustace Gove were too great for any child, including even you, Bates.  And Bates..?

Yes sir?

Why did they call you Meidias?

I don't know sir.

Do you not know the story of Demosthenes, Bates?

No sir.

Vile soul, Bates. Go now to the Library and read it. Then write out 100 times "I must not be a hubristic twat"

And Bates?

Yes Sir?

If Rees Mogg offers a willy back ride then the answer is no even if you see him giving one to Johnson or Gove for that matter. And don't forget the issue with Francois, Bates, yes?

I have already forgotten sir

Good God.  What is he, Bates, what is Francois?

A prick sir?

No. Try again Bates

A cock.. knobend.. bell cheddar.. er.. doofus...prick.. wanker.. vile twat.... er... don't know sir sorry sir

FRENCH, Bates, French. Yes, that's right,  he's a cheese eating surrender monkey.  If you see him, kill him, Bates.

never has so much creativity been spent by so few on so many with so little purpose, value or result.

I’d have given you a heh but the gove blowjob imagery warped my fragile little mind.

I give you



(n)  Oral sex done so indelicately it makes your face do this


Throbbing Johnsons, you lot are a DIFFICULT crowd.


I may retire

You can rely on me to give you a fulsome heh Mutters.

thank you but it may be too late. The ratio of effort to outcome was approx. 692349087987987234232342309890802932340981239873457861201 to 1 which means enuff is enuff.

Hey, I am always a fan of your work, Mutters. Thanks for running with this...etc


*huge applause*

Full many a gem of purest ray serene

The dark unfathom’d caves of ocean bear:

Full many a flower is born to blush unseen,

And waste its sweetness on the desert air.

I love Gray's Elegy but I sorry to disappoint. I am not dead

Minkie - indeed, and if you committed some minor infraction, she would make you walk the corridors, ringing a bell, wearing a sign: scelesta puella sum.

We're you lot at some sort of Magdalene Laundry in Ireland, during

the dark ages?