RoF Annual Beard Audit

Who has one?

Me = no

but thinking about it.

A few stray hairs here and there but no beard yet, sadly.

Short neat one.  I don't work in Shoreditch or anything like.

hairs must not stray into a woman's face

Neither should you though, tbf.

"hairs must not stray into a woman's face"

Depends which hair you are referring to




I have the start of a beard every Monday before my weekly shave.

Short beard here - until my son goes "that beard makes you look old"

I can't imagine you with a beard buzz.

When are you next shipping in for a pint in order that this face furniture may be inspected?  It has been too long.

Well indeed, it has been some time as the face fungus has been in situ for a while.  Hopefully quite soon - when my best laid plans for once don't go Pete last minute.  

I'm allowed one by work.

I did grow one for 6 weeks last summer when I was off work.

That is one weird employment contract Tom.


Employees may be permitted one beard per annum on a pro rata.  Pubic hair must be kept trimmed.  

Or is it employees are only allowed one beard at a time so no growing a beard and then wearing a false one as well?

no beard for me


still find them totally hornsome on men

*starts growing beard in advance of seeing Phoebe at the quiz

*starts adding fertiliser to his beard to outgrow ML*

*just stops shaving for 4 days*

*sits back, confident of victory*

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.




Beards are not a good look.  On women or men.

Nexis were you traumatised by Teenwolf as a nipper?

No beard. Ever.

Being blond means any attempts to grow a beard are an embarrassing failure. :(