This raven missing from the Tower of London

Not sure why newspapers are treating the issue so jocularly

the nation is in a pretty vulnerable spot at the moment

There are still 7 left right? So we have a couple more to go missing before the kingdom falls.....





I had always assumed that they had one of their wings clipped to ensure they couldn't fly away.  Has this one decided to go for a wander on foot?  If so it is going to be a perilous journey.  Tower bridge road is busy and so is the one running along the top of the tower into the City.  I predict Squishy raven.  Alternatively it has swum, or crafted a crude raft, to traverse the river to Belfast.

I can see a kids book franchise in this.

that's the sort of complacency which has got us into this mess

ace birds ravens - v clever - love their cronking call which has recently returned to the countryside around me. 

It's a good one.  I may develop a sideline.  I hoped to see her this morning on my run.  I would love a pet raven!

I see from a Gruniad article last summer that they are bored due to limited visitors.  It seems that Covid restrictions have hit the ravens hard.  They need to get Netflix.  Or start baking sourdough.

or perhaps they could just hide some corpses around the Tower for the ravens to find? they’d love that. 

Did anyone see Lucy Worsley's prog on the Tower, Hampton Court and Kensington Palace? She is the curator of the royal palaces. She does her madcap but rather beguiling "dressed up" presenting. A delightful loose screw.

She did a bit of raven focus. I was amused to see them being fed with dead mice which they then buried in the gravel for later.  they like them a bit gamey.


I should think the raven in question has just got the hump with lockdown. Same food, limited company, no visitors to the Tower, just fook this. She has quietly grown a flight feather and gone to the Canary Isles for a bit of winter sun.


(heh re shaven btw)  

The Queen’s Keeper of the Ravens was on the radio this morning. He sometimes gives them blood-soaked biscuits as a treat.

Let’s face it, no-one’s not going to come home with that inducement.  She’s deffo an ex-Raven.

Another tragic

covid death. Also see the pigeon in Australia 

the eagle eyed of you will have seen we made featured discussions! 

what a hoot

"Was it shaven"?

The creature in question is a raven, not a beaver!

And it looks like Joe the pigeon has been spared his death sentence. Turns out that he is likely to be a fair dinkum Ozzie after all and not an illegal immigrant from the USA, who needs to be euthanised!

It probably just walked out the gate and went for a Nando's