Prince Harry

He seems to have undergone a transformation from slightly laddish Army officer to an advocate of "woke" causes. What's happening m8s?

No idea m7. 

I can;t think of anything recently that might have turned him into a pussywhipped cunt. 

His wife has happened. She's a Californian with lots of nuts ideas. He is listening to her and drinking the proverbial Kool-Aid.

He is going to become someone of no consequence as the years go by and Charles and William and his children become the main hub and Harry and Megan are rolled out for state occassions only

I'd vote for Harry as king - the need to inject some new blood into monarchy. 

He is an annoying cunt.

Still, nice of him to jet into a private island to tell us all we shouldn't fly.  CUNT. 

m8 you are having a wired little tragic meltdown all on your own. 

I think you need some proper help. 

Rof might not be a safe space for you. 


He grew up but not yet enough to fully check is privilege.

He used to be so cool.

I can only assume that Meghan has been waiting until he goes to sleep, then putting some earphones on him and playing Common Purposes hypnosis tapes.

The Prince Of Woke.

One can only imagine that living her must be utterly miserable.

Nice to see a royal taking a stand against unearned privilege, tbh. 

Is he tho? His entire life and status is essentially unearned privilege.

I guess Moscow gave us the same brief. Clerical error no doubt.

and HAH at Farage haven't not a clue about the line of succession, the silly pissed up old fool