Philip Bryan Schofield’s initials are PBS. Please stop omitting the B.

It’s just sloppy and unprofessional. 

Hello Stardust. Ever so well thank you. And you?? Shabbat Shalom to you too. 

Cassie has been with us for 2 weeks now. It’s been a rollercoaster.

We had to take her to an emergency vet on day 4 (after chronic diarrhoea and vomiting) who initially thought she had Parvovirus and actually asked us if we wanted to put her to sleep.

£1700 of vet fees later (2 week insurance window) she is in full puppy terrorising mode but pooh and pee free overnight two days running. 

Im still occasionally calling her by our previous dog’s name but happily not sadly. 

She watches TV but thinks she should be allowed on the sofa and refuses to stop trying the moment you leave her on her own. 

Another two weeks before we can take her out for her first pub lunch and walk. Can’t wait. 

What you up to this weekend?

How adorable. This weekend we have v few plans. Might go down to the beach and take the kayaks. BBQ with friends later (am going to marinate some chicken thighs to have in buns with pickled cucumbers and gochujang mayonnaise). Otherwise, housework, reading a bit, snoozing…think I should take my MTB out too. So, not much! 

Will do later Stardust. 
Thank goodness those cucumbers are pickled. There is no other way to eat them. Intolerable raw. 

Don’t keep those pics to yourselves. Plenty of space on Rof and Cassie has her own thread remember.

P.S. PS - call yourself a cricket fan? And you don’t like cucumber? What on Earth do you put in your sandwiches eh?

The only other way is a shirazi salad for me. Cubed up with tomatoes and red onion, lashings of olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice and sumac. So. Freaking. Good. 


Morning Jim. Sandwiches were invented to accommodate SALT BEEF. Anything else is an afterthought. 

Stardust that looks delicious but I can’t abide tomato. Could you possibly remake it with peppers please?

Guilty as charged. I think it’s my very slightly aspey male brain. 
Have you ever noticed that aspeys are very fussy eaters and dont much like vegetables? 
Confoundingly I love broccoli raw carrots water cress and sweetcorn. Cooked spinach euch. 

As an actually diagnosed ND person, I do know a bit about this. It’s probably based on a sensory issue of some kind. It won’t be always vegetables (if you meet one ND person, you meet one ND person).
I can’t eat fish or seafood and I know it’s because the smell just bothers me so very much. To the point that simply the thought of it makes me feel like physically retching. 

I'm the same with cooked cheese. Cooked Parmesan will make me retch violently as will fish sauce though I love fish.

I think you're right about the sensory aspect. It's all those seeds in the tomato. Berries with seeds on the outside ditto.

I memorise numbers and number plates, like geometric patterns, and am discomforted by big loud crowds, so there's possibly more going on, but at the edge of a gradient rather than in the middle of it.

No cooked cheese, tomatoes or cucumber?

Begins working on excuses to diplomatically decline any future dinner invitations.