Petition to Revoke Art. 50 Adding 100 Signatures Every Three Seconds .......

Currently at about 290K, started less than two days ago.  

Hard core remainer desperation as the end game looms non-shocker

Why would anyone *not* be desperate to stop this clusterfuck?

The "endgame" might be a disaster capitalists wet dream for you but it's just a disaster to the rest of us.

people who claim to have voted remain that I don't believed voted remain :-



2. Magic grandpa

3 ROF's clubman 

I am tired of this Brexit mess, Brexit Brexit Brexit, mps playing political games, arcane political procedure, Theresa speaks for me.

walks off funny walk falls over.

I think now it is Theresa’s fault (having given her benefit of doubt for a long time).

she says she is determined to deliver Brexit but she has now become the obstacle to it rather than the driver.

someone else ( without her red lines) should let Parliament decide the terms.

You’ll get a knock on the door long before then, don’t worry.

It would be 18 million plus if we had the chance. 


Heres an idea lets have a public vote and find out 

Not sure if this petition is a good idea, the last thing the house needs is another debate there ain’t time frankly 

Meanwhile the odds on a no deal brexit tumble again, now just 3/1

It will be a long extension in a special summit on Thursday. May will be merely interim this time next week. The ridiculous speech last night was the final nail in the coffin of her political career.

Density of signatories in London, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge. 


It’s the network effect of all the Remainers living very closely together and telling their friends who live nearby to sign 

Heh. And they tell us there's no Oxbridge Establishment.

sadly an education at one of the worlds greatest seats of learning failed to rub off on all its alumni eh 

There are only two types of people left that genuinely support Brexit (rather than doggedly sticking by what they voted because they think accepting it's a mistake looks weak - sadly the prime minister is one of these people)


people with nothing to lose who just want to bring everything else down 

people who know it will be bad for everyone else but think it will be good for them 

Thos categories aren't mutually exclusive, Linda. I think LA fits both descriptions, for example.

Belgium France Italy and Spain all apparently ready to veto any extension whatsoever. We will see

I might save this map so that if I ever consider moving back to the UK I can focus my search on the constituencies which are currently dark red. Tells you everything you need to know really.

Looks like Heidi Allen's seat is safe.

I support a form of Brexit that commands majority support in the HoC. Doubt I'm alone there.

Of course I accept this PM isn't going to deliver it.

i see the leave campaigners have now fired up their servers from the march and crashed the petition to stop it working


You missed a third category, which probably covers several million:

Those who know it will be hard in the short-term, but will suffer it because it's the right thing to do

If you define "short term" as the next 50 years, you might be right. Unfortunately most of us will be dead or senile by then, and in the meantime we'll have condemned our children to a working lifetime of economic misery.

I would so love to see LA losing his job due to brexit



I don't wish to see any of you unemployed by Brexit. Have any of you actually been threatened with unemployment by Brexit?

Unless you happen to work in a car plant in Corby I highly f*cking doubt it.

The petition is back up. Pls don't look at it to check numbers tho, I don't think it can cope with the traffic 

well the odd finance lawyer in londres may find himself redundant in the mid-term

and in general, consensus is that the legal profession will suffer, as will many other professions

A friend of mine had to close his business due to Brexit and make every single one of his staff redundant (in an area where decent jobs are few and far between).

"A friend of mine had to close his business due to Brexit and make every single one of his staff redundant (in an area where decent jobs are few and far between)."


How was is "due to Brexit"? 


Because his business model was essentially "selling a particular product, 90% of which are manufactured in the US, to consumers".

After six months the fuckedness of the GBP-USD exchange rate meant he had to put his prices up to a level where his customers could no longer afford to buy them.

Doesn't sound like a sustainable business model if it can;t withstand exchange rate risk.


LA losing a job is always good value rof, all the way back to his Reject Boy days ...

And what LA said. That's a volatile business model if ever there was one. The £/$ rate has been in decline since 2007.

No, unfortunately not. All very well to say it's "not a sustainable business model", but the fact is that if you sell essentially one product, and those products are not made in the UK, you are always going to be vulnerable to exchange rate risk.

This risk has never crystalised in the past because the pound has historically been a strong currency.

I'm pretty sure what when he set the business up, a good ten years beforehand, he didn't think, "I'm not going to exploit this business opportunity to sell these products in the UK, for which there is a consumer demand, in case future political events completely fuck our currency and render my business model unsustainable".

Why would he?

Frankly it needs to exceed 17m to have a chance of having an impact.

He was running a small business. None of them make tons of profit but it was enough to make a living and employ four people for a decade. Brexit put paid to that.

Of course I agree political uncertainty is bad for business but you and I prob have different ideas how to resolve that.

Manufacturers also get hit badly by a weaker £ if they import parts, at least short term. 

I guess if you don't actually need a guitar then a 15-20% increase in price might be the difference between it being a luxury you can afford and a luxury you can't afford.

Interestingly the financial crisis didn't have that effect on his business at all.

"Meanwhile the odds on a no deal brexit tumble again, now just 3/1"


If you had taken my advice the other day to put your money where your mouth was you could have cashed out now and doubled your money

And Number 10 has responded.

"This is not something the Prime Minister is prepared to do"

Is there anywhere local that sells hi-vis vests?

Over 800k now. A million by lunchtime. 

LF, she’ll probably do a u-ey on that.  

What point do you think you're making clubman?

referendums aren't done on a constituency basis. We don't have an electoral college. 

I hope the MPs of the constituencies with higher than average sign up to the petition are crunching the maths against their majorities, and thinking about their position very carefully 



Literally no one apart from the multiple voters cares. 

See also the march this weekend. 


How do we know that the petitioners are real people with a right to vote in the UK?  As opposed to Russian bots?

no it is deffo 1 million real people voting just once all in the UK. 

Uh huh, yep really is. 

but then even if it was... 


*looks in bovvered bag*

nope sorry 



It'll be interesting to see how many people manage to march multiple times as well.

Next thing you know Farage will be complaining that remain voters have cloned themselves in order to commit electoral fraud.

It's cute remainers think this or their silly march will make a difference


Nobody Cares

Also, massive lol at the cabbie on latest brexitcast. How did he vote do you reckon?

You might not care, but a hell of a lot of people do. 878k at the moment...

Can everyone who is on social media also share it please? Keep the momentum going.

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It doesn't actually take 24 hours, it takes a few seconds. Check your junk mail folder if you haven't got it.

there is going to be a debate on it next week now, LA, so

I think this could have real impact (for a change)

Lady Penelope I am not a complete fvcking doofas

Of course I checked my junk folder  ffs


Seriously this is tragic. What do you think will happen when you get to a million?

Merkel and Macron appear on tv singing  "Baby Come Back"?

Seriously this is tragic. What do you think will happen when you get to a million?

A magician to appear and hand May her P45.

I guess a lot of people disagree about Theresa May being on their side.