Oppo sols who want to have a 'chat' constantly


(apart from double time recording and thinking I'm green enough to say something unhelpful to my client obvs)


especially right now 

wtf does that ever?

WP chat sure

but just a chat??? wtf?



because they are bored WFH in lockdown and you may be the only person they've spoken to for a while


heh, yeah agreed, I hate the use of the word “[email protected] in a work context tbh. In fact it’s generally a shit word isn’t it.

Is it you ML? 

*narrows eyes*

a perfectly affable sol I'm dealing with at the mo wibble, who emails me, then calls me to talk about his email 

"so do you have instructions"

"no I don't have instructions on the email you sent me 90 seconds ago"


heh, no it isn't me Hoolie.

Thankfully (or not), I talk to plenty of people by virtue of endless meetings (which serve little purpose at all). 

But if I were someone who didn't have much interaction, I would probably make small talk too. I used to get on well with Oppo sols when I did what you do and the odd brief chat wasn't unknown.


I only wanted to check your address for my Congratulations On Surviving #MeToo card....

I hate people who ask if you “have instructions”. 

Don’t ask me about your instructions. I’ll tell you what I’m going to fucking do. Whether I was instructed by my client or I’m making it up just to piss you off - that’s for me to know.

that is so weird. 


I did have one once who was a total wideboy chancer who did keep calling me, saying that his client was dead impressed with my work and if we settled this case quickly he would be giving me loads of work in the future. I posted the guys website on here at the time it was so funny. He claimed to have "obtained millions billions of damages for his client's" [sic] 

I was shocked that when his client did settle it (for a nice sum) - i never heard from the again. SHOCKED i was. 




I am baffled by the hate towards chat tbh.

When I was in insolvency PP I was constantly chatting shoite with the other side.

It was, after all a constant roundabout of cases where one day you’d be for the Liquidator and the next a director /debtor, with many of the same faces on the other side.


I really hate talking to people on the phone in a work context. I'm deeply suspicious of oppos wanting to chat shit, they just want to trip you up  

no one really realises I hate chat, because I seem very friendly and chatty. 

RTSM fun depends on who you instruct (and how nice your client is)

gr8 that you (as the instructing sol) don't actually have to do much and you can bill a day for it comfortably)

Love the putdown 'you do not appear to be fully instructed '

Asti has it.

Solicitors, esp litigators, are generally rubbish at chat. They take themselves too seriously, and have no sense of humour.

I had a trade union rep on the other side of a claim who would constantly ring for a chat.

As in I sent him a simple PH agenda, and he would ring me and then open it up and say “right let’s have a look here and try and read through it on the call and think about whether he agreed”. I had to keep telling him to just read what I had put and send me an email. Turned out the agenda was agreed but he wanted to hang about on the phone for half hour chatting.

The other weird thing he did was putting Outlook appointments into my email calendar about directions for agreed deadlines for disclosure, statements etc. I declined them all, obviously. He lost his shit and couldn’t understand that this wasn’t normal practice in a litigated matter.

He got really nasty in the end because I got pissed off with him wasting my time.

Eugh. People who can't answer straightforward questions without 20 minutes of exposition are the worst. 

Like, one day I am going to be dead and currently this conversation is going to be my biggest deathbed regret. 

One of the things I love about my role now is that I rarely have to faff about with the other side :)

I’m a litigator and I’m funny as fuck