Online Chess

Its going to be big.

If anyone fancies a game my lichess handle is Habeascorpus. (Awaits abuse)


hold on im resending the activation email then ama invite yo ass

Whereas mine comes acrossxas sad but normal for a lawyer

Whereas mine comes acrossxas sad but normal for a lawyer

Whereas mine comes acrossxas sad but normal for a lawyer

I was thinking of trying for a draw at that crucial stage in the game

Fluffy youre an insecure unpleasant little shit at times

Yeah, that was the point when I was thinking of trading off and hoping for a draw which would have been a good result given the difference in ratings but I told myself to man the fuck up and then promptly lost

I suspect the rating difference will be less after 8 weeks of enforced playing.

Well feel free to invite when you see me on there. I might just get one past you

Don't let me down Rhi. Im waiting for you over there like a kid waiting for his dad on weekend access

I'm not sure I feel the same Fluffy. This isnt the first time this has happened

Or perhaps arrange a time in advance for us both to be online, say 22.45?

Sounds intriguing... sending a postcard with a single move on it.

If this was drafts I'd be there similar for drafts??

no shortage of draughts apps on googleplay moves. I like the WSOP poker app

See, gone... can never focus on me for more than a second.

This has been the torment of my life... ...I feel we need to bring this to a head.


Fluffy you can spy on other players games i think.


At uni i shared lab space with a GM of correspendence chess.  He was true old school (and held the aussie record for sim blindfold games).

I haven't played for so long... ...I don't know my Baron from my Monk.

Actually it is symptomatic of my general feeling of dullness at the moment... ...I can't generate mental momentum.

Thank you, makes up for abysmal performance in first game 2-1 to you so far

  • Online chess isn’t going to be huge.
  • It’s been huge for years.

Tips to git gud for a beginner?  I've heroically defeated the level 1 computer and now know what all the pieces do.

This is cute Rhialto and Tom Atomic will fall in love over online chess and grow old playing together as the isolation continues, admiring each others' opening gambits and suchlike, maybe the odd hint on this thread, which will become 10s of 1000s of posts long.

In 2032 the virus will die of old age and we will emerge blinking into the light. Rhialto and Tom will arrange to meet under the clock at Waterloo station if there still is one, Rhialto will say omg Tom u munt and will shuffle away, embittered at losing her best years to playing chess with a conman with a deceptively handsome castle.

Sorry, didnt see this in time. Lets say 10pm every night. If one or both not online then just try again the next night

Best by test but nit playing on rif move by move.  10pm on is now the rof chess tourney.  All players tolerated.

I am properly shyt at chess.  So will be happy to join.  Can't be more humiliating than losing to an 8 year old at mariokart

Best by test but nit playing on rif move by move. 

Why are you speaking like Officer Crabtree from 'Allo 'Allo?

Not as simple as that I'm afraid Wang. All new members must be approved by all existing members.

Rhialto what do you think about this Wang character? I'm inclined to give him a probationary membership for two weeks, during this period he has no decision making power.


Playing chess without making decisions is pretty much how I roll

Not the right time to be joking around Wang.

Your membership is still pending and as far as I am concerned is now hanging in the balance.

On the one hand he has been on ROF forever.  On the other hand that is hardly an indicator of good character.


To paraphrase Ming the Merciless i think we approve his membership until such time as we get bored of him.

Trouble is once we approve his membership all other members have to approve his expulsion and judging by the level of interest in the RoF chess club so far getting rid of him might not be that easy, further down the line

on another note, youre not online so until tomorrow 

Im also deeply disappointed with Wang for showing no further interest in joining the RoF chess club and as such I suggest we refuse his application but advise him he may reapply six months from now. You know, leave the door open

Agreed.  Btw do you want the club president or chairman position?

something weird happened, im now chatting to an impostor 

the 3 mins was a mistake

anyway til tomorrow or next time