Ok boomer

Interesting meme. Young folks feel like 'boomers' (read: old folk) have screwed them over at a generational level

do the young uns in China and SE Asia have a meme which says 'thank you'?


Are boomers considered old now? 1945 - 1965. I always think of them as middle aged. In fact, I suppose it's my generation (X) 1965-1982 which is middle aged.

30 year olds are calling 35 year olds "boomer" on social media. It's absurd. 


I mean "old folks as seen by a 30 year old" not old per se

 but yes born in 45 is getting on a bit

Todd Muller was born in 1968 so he could have pwned her there quite easily.

Iirc most states boffins place boomers as post war to about 1960s, so most of our parents.  All houses for sub 5 figures and final sal schemes.  Wnkers.  There after it is x to 77 (that is an outlier but makes me potentially a Y) to 83  depending, y to 2000 and millenials.  Dont know if there is a snowflakes gen for 2010 onwards.  

I like it. Millenials spent far too much time apologising for themselves to the arsehole generation that preceded them, the next generation need to just tell them to get fucked. 

When did millennials do that?

Everyone's an arsehole why try to segment the market.

Aren't Millenials/Gen-Y the first genration to have a worst standard of living than their parents, basically their parents used a very short-sighted approach to getting rich, which resulted in their being nothing left for their children? They fucked the environment, inflated house prices, elected politicians that oversaw the greatest concentration of wealth in the upper classes since the 1920s etc?

I'm Gen X but i think it's a great meme to deal with condescending older people who think that all of Gen Y's problems are down to eating avocados.

Particularly when a lot of those boomers have bought their Gen Y kids flats, houses, “masters” degrees, endless foreign holidays......

It looks dumb when used by 30 year olds to people barely older than them tho 

“I once owned a parrot called ‘The late 60s. One of the most remarkable things about The Late 60s was......”

I do not know. I have only seen it on twitter in the last week, used by communists with trust funds 

Apologies for the errant use of “their” instead of “there”

I don’t like the use of it as a first strike insult, particularly when incorrectly used to a Gen Xer, but as I said above, it’s a great retort to geriatric condescension.

Particularly when a lot of those boomers have bought their Gen Y kids flats, houses, “masters” degrees, endless foreign holidays......

Wow, way to miss the point spectacularly. 

Yes, Anna. Shall we draw you a picture? Or would you prefer mime?

Dude, the problem with what you are suggesting is that (as ever) it only works for people with wealthy parents who are willing to put their hand in their pocket. It is of no use to anyone not in that privileged position. And what's more, most young people don't want their parents to pay for this stuff. They want to pay for it themselves, as their parents did. But they can't because the baby boomers pulled the ladder up after themselves, fucked the housing market and voted for politicians who made education absurdly expensive. And then those same boomers have the nerve to moan about young people today not being self sufficient like they were, and not understanding the value of hard work, like they did. They fail to understand that it is no longer possible for most young people to be both self sufficient and aspire to be home owners before they're too old to get a mortgage, and that hard work no longer has the same value because it is no longer enough to enable someone to have a reasonable standard of living, such as they enjoyed. 

It's interesting to think where it will end, will we see civil unrest in the future on a large scale? The generations following the boomers are looking down the barrel of needing long working lives with increasingly unstable careers with the creep of AI in the rear view mirror, with those lucky enough to own homes  chained to giant mortgages and the whole lot have to save an astronomical amount to pay for their retirement. The taxes paid will need to be distributed to the likely to live long boomers in the form of defined benefit pensions while there is, and likely to remain, chronic underinvestment in the infrastructure and services that families and young people need to use. No wonder people like Corbyn have appeal; the Conservative party is meant to be the party of aspiration.

The old social contract that if you worked hard you could achieve moderate success is broken with too much wealth and property concentrated in the hands of the super wealthy and the boomers. The right wing need to formulate a response to these problems to challenge the rise of the likes of JMD and Corbyn and while they squabble amongst themselves over  the finer details of cutting ourselves off from our biggest trading partner and how to serve their own interests, society burns. 

I have an idea about where you can stick your crayons if that would help. 

What you get up to in the privacy of your bedroom is a matter for you. 

Oh don't worry, my participation won't be necessary. This is one for you and you alone. 

These problems were all created when Nixon was forced off the gold standard to pay for the sinister Democrat Johnstones Vietnam war and 'Great Society' bollocks 

Magnified by the geriatric Greenspan  

$600 in 1972 is worth $100 today .A house costing $50,000 in 1972 costs $300,000 today

Wot boy named rue said

But how to get a fairer society without swinging wildly from right wing to left wing authoritarianism or bloody revolution?

im fecked if I know terry 



The generation that will be properly screwed is probably Gen X. Although some did OK on the tails of the Boomers many didn’t. I have friends and family who decided not to buy in early 00s London because prices already looked too high then or they decided to travel/work elsewhere - or they just didn’t have the same money as lawyer. Obviously any such decision has totally fucked their finances for life. Some have gotten on the ladder later, but I bet quite a few are still overleveraged and this recession that is getting going about aroundabout now could have some awful casualties.

Even those of us who made better - well luckier - decisions in the early 00s have found ourselves chasing the market as we move up the ladder. Suspect that prices will finally fall in real terms and at the same time we will finally stumble upon the obviously needed land and wealth taxes (or inflation) about 25 yrs too late - and Gen X’s hard earned gains will disappear or be taken quickly. In the ensuing reset at least some of the younger Millennials will probably do pretty well.


$600 in 1972 is worth $100 today .A house costing $50,000 in 1972 costs $300,000 today

eh? @ dawnhandbags 

us has not had deflation USD600 in 1972 is worth c.USD3600 today

Don't put it down to somewhat arbitrary ''generations', invented by socjal commentators and writers.

Throughout history some have been successful, some haven't, and so it will continue.

Chambers I disagree. Save a few outliers and exceptional cases, those who will do well from the generations that follow the boomers will be those whose families are already wealthy. Social mobility is dead.