***OFFICIAL*** Harry and Megan Netflix documentary thread

Tell me all about it.

(Not really that fussed but wanted to get in before Risky did)

So many lies already .. she claims she was single when they met.. she wasn’t she was still living with her ex boyfriend. 

Harry claims they met over instagram. This completely contradicts all other stories that they have previously given  in interviews about being set up on a blind date. 

This thing is so bad they are going to get annihilated for this. Switching it off now. 

it’s so bad I can’t even watch it. 


Not watching, but have looked at the Daily Fail reporting (they've watched so I don't have to etc). WIthout responding to their spin on the story, what's striking is (a) they started filming footage / pieces to selfie camera on their iPhones before they left the UK, and (b) they're showing more images of their child(ren) than the Wales' have done with the officially released / posed birthday images.

They've therefore in one episode revealed that their whole justification / reasoning for doing this (ie privacy / not handing their child over on a platter to the UK press like the Wales' do) actually is, incontrovertibly, that they were not prepared to breach privacy / hand their children over FOR FREE. Regardless of whether you're a cheerleader or a hater for the pair of them, their financial drive is at least now blatant. 

It’s honestly just sad and pathetic..cringe worthy.

Bodes very poorly for any future ‘productions’ with Netflix and makes Netflix cancelling her other show totally understandable. 

it’s just shit TV. 

Yeah. The first film sequence is Harry doing a iPhone diary sequence from Heathrow terminal in March 2020. 

It’s obvious that he is just on his way back to California from the ‘Sandringham’ conference .. 

this was on the books since then 

and (i read) that she complains that their engagement interview was scripted reality tv. What, unlike this 6 part series for Netflix? Oh yes. But you're getting paid for Netflix so that makes it ok.

Well honestly they’ve had total control of this production.. and it looks/sounds/watches like someone threw $50 million at a high school video project. 

Dunno. It hit Oz screens at 7pm.


perhaps to give it time for at least an 8 hour news cycle to report on the series before people sit to watch it in UK and US.

Which undermines the whole ‘hear it from us’ in our own words narrative.  


For people who have a very low opinion of their content, some of you seem to be spending quite a lot of time consuming it and making them money.

+1 Spurio, not watched and will not watch but the blind rage is hilarious.

Did Hazza give you lot a winching down the polo chukka and not facebook message you back or something?

"Blind date"--is that what they have been telling people? As in they had no idea they were meeting a prince and a Hollywood actress before their first date?

What Spurius said... 

I really don't get the seemingly raging fury at these people from some of you lot - why on earth do you care!

There is something toxic and compulsive about a couple who, with such expertise, simultaneously and about the same topic they are discussing, complain that they were hard done by or somehow treated differently or disadvantageously from others (presumably the others can only be William and Catherine) because of *[insert] and at the same time complain that they are being hounded and manipulated by The Firm / associated media, again presumably in a way which others (presumably William and Catherine) never were.

My head gets dizzy with the agenda (I'm not getting enough attention; wait; I'm getting too much attention and am being controlled...) I cannot watch it.  Even just the headline a cursory google search "Our whole engagement was scripted"  is enough to make me feel nausea.

Note to Spurius: I have not watched this, but you have to concede that it is being shoved down peoples throats and not just by the gutter press so you know about it whether you want to know about it or not.

Who cares though? The press (the main targets) are morally bankrupt and the royal faaaamily (the secondary targets) are nonce shelterers and doddery old racists. 

fair play to them, really winding up all the right people


Unless Harry and Megan genuinely do have incontrovertible and undeniable evidence that Diana was murdered and that can be established in a court of law, I don't think they have anything at all to add which is not just titillation, it appropriately goes into the "fiction" section in Netflix.

Why don't the whole lot of them just feck off? Over-privileged people who don't seem to understand that "ordinary" people have similar or worse complaints and don't constantly bang on about it and have to deal with poverty perhaps at the same time.

No I will not watch it.

Piers Morgan crying salty tears yum yum yum

the Sun, Express and Mail all being sued again and again and losing again and again

you just love to see it

I'm sort of enjoying it a little, I'm not sure it's quite the own goal people are predicting.

I watched 20 mins and thought was too boring to continue. I can’t believe anyone but a journalist would watch 6 hours of it. 

Or a home worker, for example. Fooked if I'm watching it all but the first couple of episodes are passable.

I can't help but think the Dodi Fayed documentary on Channel 5 last night was scheduled to steal HArry and Meghan's thunder very slightly. 

Genuinely, you would need to a complete and utter simpleton to want to watch even 10 mins of this complete bollix.

Transdimensional_Sex_Bee08 Dec 22 12:00

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Fooked if I'm watching it all but I've already watched two out the three hours of content available within the first four hours of it being released...

Is it really blow by blow? 

She didn't go down until 20 minutes in on our first date, where she blew me off in the bogs of 76 Dean Street. Someone else was doing blow in the left hand khazi and my dear friend [♡♡♡♡] was blowing chunks in trap 3.

Less interesting than that and about who was late and how late they were.  I gave up after half an hour.

It is not particularly interesting. I watched 2 episodes today. I am not a fan of theirs because of the proven past lies (eg married 3 days before the royal wedding) but it could be worse so far eg at least they mention her father and her time with him instead of wiping him out of her history (although her first husband is not mentioned so people might assume she was a v irgin when they married I suppose)...

They go to her first school but not visit  the second  presumably deliberately (the second was the one where her father paid the school fees). She airbrushes her half siblings out of her history rather cruelly by simply saying they had left home (as if she never saw them).

There is some very weird and biased footage which implies to Americans the UK is full of N azi type thugs marching the streets which is the bit which disturbed me the most so far as being wrong.




Watched first episode. It’s quite boring. Very poorly done. As sails said blow by blow account of dates, jazz playing in background, lady di, i am dis son, H M H M H M, photos apparently of when she told friends. I was a fan, thought she was unfairly compared to Kate but this is drivel so far…still watching though.

‘Fooked if I'm watching it all but the first couple of episodes are passable.’



that’s seriously the best anyone has to say about it on this thread.. 

just a big damn squib for Netflix which they paid millions for. 

So far it’s not even bad or bombshell like.. it’s just very expensive boring..


as for the whole I hugged Kate at dinner while in ripped jeans and barefoot the first time I met her.. and she didn’t hug me back.

Did Harry not tell her anything about his family at all? . 

I’m sorry but I’m a bogan Ozzie chav from the arse end of nowhere and I still wouldn’t behave that way with my partners family the first time I meet them.. let alone if that family was Royal. 


Lyds there are plenty of nazi thugs here and they do march in the streets not infrequently. As there are and do in the US. They’re also active on social media like rof, pushing notions of blood and soil, nuclear families, ‘common sense’ solutions to societal ‘problems’, all whilst claiming to be victims of anything or anyone questioning their narrow minded bigotry. That is a reality of modern life.   Germany in the 20s and 30s was full of right thinking middle class people who thought their in fact entirely secure way of life was threatened by Jews, homosexuals, and forrins, in much the same way that the daily mail tells stupid people from the home counties ours is now threatened by who uses which bathroom. And the really stupid people who are incapable of seeing beyond reproduction of their own very limited gene pool and arguments for the sake of conflict lap it up like it’s a great big game.

H and M are just weaponising that trope of fear for their own audience.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. All these ‘lols’ that seem so funny now will not be when the bullies find their own lives permanently altered because of their own bigotry  

These so-called royals can btw get in the sea. 

Episode 5 is worth watching. Describes the family breakdown prior to Megxit (which Harry says is an offensive term but oh well)

Its infuriating that this is getting in the news. The tabloids of course, but the BBC is basically a free advert for Netflix at this point. They're not even part of the royal family any more so I can't work out who cares.

No one with any class or self respect airs family arguments on TV for fame. 

They come across on the doc much better than they are portrayed in the press, I quite warm to them

Am Team Meghan 

Quite amusing that the BBC in the morning excitedly announced it had people watching all 3 episodes simultaneously and then dropped as a news item altogether by lunchtime - have not watched, I will not watch but sounds like a huge damp squib.

Haven’t watched any more than the first ten minutes. It was just too cringe..  

My overall impression is that they haven’t done themselves any favours here.. they have burnt all bridges to the RF and daddy’s money.. and even the Americans seem to have tired of their whinging.  

there final years will be even more lonely, isolated and broke than that of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. 


It's rather said that while this was being broadcast yesterday the rest of the family were at the Together at Christmas concert in Westminster (all wearing the same colour it seems).


I have watched half an episode. It may eventually assist them. It’s so boring and open that they may lose the tabloid obsession as they won’t sell as many papers or clicks. 

I think that would be worse for them. If there was a conspiracy across all of the British press not to publish any story or publicity about them ever again, a deafening silence, it would terrify them. 

The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.

I suspect Charles is a bit of a petty aunt given his treatment of Di, so I wont put it past him he was jealous. I think Kate is hard as nails and much more of a political operative/power in the firm than her nice image protrays.

The recent ones are more interesting than the first three. However, their life now seems very shallow.

I haven't watched any of it, so my opinion is based purely on the snippets / headlines that I haven't been able to avoid, and all it has done is reinforce my opinion that they are pretty much all a shower of idiots and fvckwits and they deserve each other.  I mean, I can understand his anger at the fact that (as seems to be acknowledged as true by just about everyone, even people who hate her) that Meghan was reduced to a human shield to protect William (and probably, for a while, until it was agreed that he was a lost cause, Andrew) - that must be a really hurtful thing to accept. 

But, oh my goodness, talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory - what a whinging, whining, self-indulgent, self-pitying pair of tosspots they seem to be - you're out now, make your money, live your lives and just. shut. up   (And what is with Meghan's weird obsession with telling anecdotes about people literally falling to their knees to thank her for, well, I'm never quite sure what they are supposed to be thanking her for).

They must realise that they are NEVER going to win the battle of the briefings, they are not going to defeat the institution, and if they had any sense, they'd remind themselves regularly of the old cliche that the best revenge is living well and get on with doing just that.

I watched it all (not fake Lydia but real one , but older Lydia so no small children around thus more time for TV).... I think it is very sad they have fallen out with both of their families.

Some of the bits of the series were a bit tone deaf of them - eg saying the lovely little cottage at Kensington palace was so small friends did not believe they lived in it and Harry his his head on the ceiling. That was lovely place for most people but not for them apparently.

I hope they can become happier and that they can find a way to enable both grandfathers to see the children.


It is a bit mean of them to be so negative about Harry's family who will not be defending themselves to avoid being dragged into the mire. H&M have chosen to burn all bridges.

The way MM comes over will keep psychiatrists and analysts with things to say for years - she comes over very badly indeed, but is interesting, nonetheless. Weird the programme chose not even to mention her first marriage when it went through just about everything else but that sums up the programme - very selective.

Haven't read the thread but can someone tell me if Tom Linorder has made his usual "Meghan makes me so cross" joke. He always does it. 


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