News this morning - two thoughts

I listened to Lord Sumpo on the Today Programme - I felt that he was not demonstrating his formidable intellect, which was a shame.

F*cking BBC Breakfast having its Menopause week - who wants to listen about hot flushes over morning coffee?  I turned over to Monty Don followed by Michael Portillo's train journeys - much better start to the day

I also saw a dead pigeon on my way to work, but I have no experience in the practice of augury.

i saw a pigeon being eaten by a fox last week. the fox seemed to be in a serious rush to gobble everything down

Don’t make her angry.  You wouldn’t like it, when she’s angry.

I enjoyed Jonathan's (as Justin called him) contribution to the national dialogue this morning.  He had some interesting perspectives.  And at least he didn't begin every sentence: "so, ..."

My son caught quite a big cuckoo wrasse last week.  He put it back in the sea and it swam down but within a few minutes its ruptured swim bladder brought it back to the surface.  Great black back gull swallowed it whole.  At least the gull had the good grace to look a bit uncomfortable for a couple of minutes afterwards.

I would have thought it difficult to find a trained haruspex these days.

Off the South Devon coast, Tecco.

Still waiting for the mackerel to come in in any numbers but plenty of white fish about already

Never even seen one here in Cornwall.  

Mackerel have been starting to come in but not in greatest of numbers just yet.  Bass pretty good, pollock numerous.  Caught a cod the other week on the north coast, shallow water, must have been lost or something.