New Trainee Supervisor

Long time lurker and occasional poster on the old board here. The powers that be have decided to risk giving me a trainee to supervise in the next rotation. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't look like I'll be getting any training or guidance on how to do this so I thought I'd outsource that to you guys.

So, any tips for how to be a great supervisor (big city firm) ? Beyond the obvious don't be a psychopath etc. 

My best ever trainee, unasked, brought me a coffee and a brown sauce an sausage bap every friday.

that trainee now earns super wedge at an american turbocvnt firm.

show your trainee this post.  

Compliment female trainees on how great they look each morning.

Cannot see a downside to this


As and when the subject turns to student debt (and it will) do not be afraid to enter into exploratory discussions concerning the limits of what they will be prepared to do in order to ensure a job upon qualification.

Treat them mean and keep them keen, and then once a month, never more and on a Tuesday is usually  best, thrash them within an inch of their life - never fails...

Try not to be a supercilious cunt

Which admittedly will be hard.

Train them to pick up dry cleaning early 

do you think strutter knows he is well seedy?  probly just relies on HR yeah?

How dare you? 

Are you saying that I need that useless lot to do seedy for me? 

I think every female on rof knows strutter is well seedy, wang.  You are way behind the curve.

Just tell them to watch and learn from you.

And hello jamesmatthews, I met you once at RoF drinks I think.

Give them clear instructions and proper feedback on what they have done.

Don't be a cunt.

Try to teach them stuff. If they are half way decent, they will lap it up.

And be kind.

IIRC JM was a jumped up little shit of a trainee with no respect for his elders and betters, so one can only hope his new charges will treat him accordingly. He must still be only about 12 in any event.

Yep Chambers I think it was Christmas drinks when I was a trainee. 

"No respect for his elders and betters"

U utter utter plum

He's like a post #metoo living artefact of the historic professional sex pest.

Did u? I suspected he would be delighted to be demonstrating professionalism in something

Bbombardier (sp?) late of this parish was your role model 

Big fan of my current supervisor for the following reasons:

1. Approachable and enjoys general chat about life/interests

2. Down to earth and doesn't take things too seriously

3. Tries to protect me from overwork / shit work (not always successfully)

4. Explains context on matters

5. Clear instructions