New iphone release today - what do you want/expect?

No gimmicks please, just a battery that lasts 12 hours at full tilt please.

I want a cheap deal on an X no one wants anymore 

To upgrade to an iPhone 7 in the next 4 years.

@guy does it really? I have an iPhone 8 which I’ve had for 10 months. At first the battery life was decent but now it’s terrible. 

I just refuse to pay for an upgrade unless the battery life is significantly better and stays better for more than a few months. But if you are telling me the XR goes 12 hours at full tilt then I may reconsider?

I am looking no further than a 6s plus at under £200

It’s being reported the camera is amazing.christ how many new improved camera options does one need at the expense of other stuff.

 I can’t tell the camera difference between my 8 and the very latest model.

Heh @ the suckers shelling out to have the latest plastic and metal box that does exactly the same as last year’s plastic and metal box save with a few incremental changes in the sure and sound knowledge that they will do exactly the same next year.

Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

Bernstein,you sound like lord sumption, who when asked, why he still has an iPhone 3 , he replied “ because it works perfectly well and there is no reason for me to change it “

Strutter, I know what you mean , but Apples iPhone sales have been significantly declining the last two years. Mostly people are not fooled . I don’t want a camera with 5hundred billion pixels thanks .

Strutted depends on what you use it for but I agree many people get upgrades just to have something new and shiny 

Some upgrades are transformative - eg Apple Pay or equivalent

Grr , people who pay for groceries with their watch or phone. I’ve lost count how many times they have to have 3 or so attempts before it works .

For actual phoning I use a Sony Ericsson C905 last of the pre smartphones 

A headphone jack.

I'm not upgrading to some shiny crap without one.

the lack of a headphone jack on iphones is fvcking infuriating. If you spend a lot of time on trains/planes/in the back of cars you want to be able to have your phone on charge while listening to headphones (and yes I know I could go wireless but the sound quality is not the same and it's annoying to yet another thing you have to remember to charge). 

You can't go wireless though because they run out of battery in a few hours and if you're on a long haul flight etc you'll need to listen to them longer than that!

Just "upgraded" to a 6s Plus. It's great, it's cheap and it has a headphone jack. 

Donny do yourself a favour get the EarPods - sound quality is fine, they always connect instantly.  Get a gadget to attach the case to your key ring and you will never forget them

So there you have it the iphone 11pro, will have numerous features around a better camera, and a faster processor, that results in 5 hours extra battery time costing between £1100, and £1500. Christ thats a lot of cash for some new bits and bobs in a camera.

Time will tell if the battery lasts that long overtime

The UK pricing is brutal.

Thanks brexit


Still, fancy myself one of the green 11Pros

I have the latest (10 I think) with work.  It is so much shitter than the samsung.

I’d quite like to finish work on time, have a couple of pints and then some spicy food. I appreciate this isn’t iphone related but I’m a bit tuglite on that issue, although next time I’m up for an upgrade I’ll still take it.