Moving offshore

Specifically, the Caribbean. Thoughts on doing this as a mid-level litigator? Advisable/not advisable in terms of earning potential/career progression/chances of getting skin cancer/general life satisfaction?

Why are you considering this?

What are you looking to get out of it?

Depends. I did it in Cayman and made shedloads of tax free cash. Good times.

I also knew a  London litigator (a good one) who came out with his wife. She hated it, nothing to do, no culture, a little.bit precious etc. and threatened to divorce him if they didn't go back

So they did after a month. I suggested they might want to interview the wives / partners rather than just the lawyers in future.

Barry - it depends on the firm on all fronts but the sunscreen. Some firms are skinflints, some firms won't get good work and some firms for those reasons you won't get good life satisfaction. Others you'll be living the dream.


[email protected] if you want some dialogue from someone who's worked as a lawyer in the Caribbean and now recruits people out there.

In Bodden Town and West Bay they still sing songs celebrating Chambers' departurewink

I suspect a lot depends on the island as well as the firm. 


I recently met a senior associate at Maples who claimed he had worked 15 hour days for the last 18 months and no holidays, if that's any help. I mean, I'm sure his pay packet reflects that. Maybe. 

Heh, I invented the Blue Iguana cuddly toy. We went to an investment funds conference in San Diego, got up early and decorated the Maples and Calder stand with them. Branded Walkers.

We had to order hundreds more of them the demand was huge. It made all the local press over there.

I think I still have one of them.

That looks like a later iteration, not the original. Where did you get hold of it?

I should have gone into the toy business. Even the Maples guys were ringing me up asking for more for their kids.

It got a bit surreal.

"I invented the blue iguana cuddly toy" is deffo the best Chambism since I O Hughes

Let's just say I know people, Chambo....


[and have access to Google]

Can’t say I’d heard of the blue iguana tbh.

are there any Carribean islands which are better to live on than others? 

I would say that Cayman is definitely better than Cuba or Haiti.  Chambers might disagree. 

BVI still recovering from Irma and Maria in 2017 AIUI.  Of course it took Cayman a good few years to recover from the devastating Hurricane Chambers a while back. 

Hurricane Ivan actually Blue, cost me about a quarter of a million in wipeout. All made back now

Want to give me a clue who you are?

Sorry, poor taste joke on my part. Glad you recovered the loss.